How Do You Get Rid Of Ketones?

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Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Diabetic acidosis is a life-threatening condition that can occur in people with type 1 diabetes. Less commonly, it can also occur with type 2 diabetes. Term watch Ketones: breakdown products from the use of fat stores for energy. Ketoacidosis: another name for diabetic acidosis. It happens when a lack of insulin leads to: Diabetic acidosis requires immediate hospitalisation for urgent treatment with fluids and intravenous insulin. It can usually be avoided through proper treatment of Type 1 diabetes. However, ketoacidosis can also occur with well-controlled diabetes if you get a severe infection or other serious illness, such as a heart attack or stroke, which can cause vomiting and resistance to the normal dose of injected insulin. What causes diabetic acidosis? The condition is caused by a lack of insulin, most commonly when doses are missed. While insulin's main function is to lower the blood sugar level, it also reduces the burning of body fat. If the insulin level drops significantly, the body will start burning fat uncontrollably while blood sugar levels rise. Glucose will then begin to show up in your urine, along with ketone bodies from fat breakdown that turn the body acid Continue reading >>

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  1. ketones

    What are ketones? I was diagnosed with GD but wasn't really told what they were. I called my dr now waiting to here back. My sugar levels are normal, I'mSo stressing. My ketone levels in my urine were very high.

  2. Mamamons

    Ketones are released when your body burns fat. So ketones in your urine when pregnant may signal you need to eat more/change your diet

  3. j

    Ketones appear in your urine, when your body begins burning stored fat b/c there are not carbohydrates to use for energy. Good for dieting, bad during pregnancy. I have GD and have to test every morning for ketones. My dietitian made me increase my carb intake to get rid of ketones. Unfortunately, the added carbs made my sugar levels too high. Hence, my GD could not be controlled by diet alone

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