How Do You Check If You Are In Ketosis?

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8 Signs You’re In Ketosis

If you’re eating a low carb diet, are you wondering if you’re actually in ketosis? Here are some signs that you may be burning fat for fuel. When I first started a low carb, high fat way of eating, I felt horrible! I’m not going to sugarcoat it. The first few days of cutting my carbs were rough. I felt tired and a little nauseous, like I had the flu. The first time I tried going low carb and felt this way, I decided to quit because I thought my body didn’t like cutting the carbs and adding in the fats. But the second time I cut my carbs, I Googled “feeling like crap without carbs” and low and behold…it’s actually a thing! It’s called the Keto Flu! Once I knew that, it all made so much sense to me. The reason I was feeling like garbage is because my body was switching from being a sugar burner to a fat burner. My body was no longer being constantly supplied with glucose for fuel (from carbs.) It kept looking for that glucose to burn, so when my body didn’t have it, it revolted! It took about a week of flu like symptoms for my body to finally realize that “hey, we have another source of fuel…FAT!” Once my body started burning fat for fuel, I felt so much bet Continue reading >>

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  1. taponte

    How to know if you are in ketosis.

    Well i am sure there is another post like this, because i read it before, but i dont remeber exactly what it said and I cant find it.
    The quesiton is just as the title says, how can i know if i am in ketosis or not?
    I have been reading and the people says that at the second day, or thirth day or X day they get in to ketosis, but how they know that?

  2. jumpingjupiter

    If you have never been in Ketosis buy some keto sticks. You can pick them up at most drug stores in the US and Canada. Ask the pharmisist if you can't find them on the shelf. Usually they will be with diabetic supplies. Lots of people will say not to waist your money but they are cheap and I get an instant gratification when I see the test strip turn color. Besides, it is always nice to see evidence that your effort is paying off.
    -odd metalic taste in your mouth and bad breath.
    -Odd smelling urine is another symptom.
    -You will pee like a race horse.
    - I also get cotton mouth (dry mouth and really foamy saliva). Not sure if anyone else gets this.

  3. Andypandy999

    Normally i pee like a race horse for 2 days after my carb up which means im back in ketosis, Breath smells like crap, my wee smells like meat, and i find i get really de-hydrated...

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