How Do The Kidneys Compensate Respiratory Acidosis Quizlet

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Respiratory Acidosis

Respiratory acidosis is a medical emergency in which decreased ventilation (hypoventilation) increases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood and decreases the blood's pH (a condition generally called acidosis). Carbon dioxide is produced continuously as the body's cells respire, and this CO2 will accumulate rapidly if the lungs do not adequately expel it through alveolar ventilation. Alveolar hypoventilation thus leads to an increased PaCO2 (a condition called hypercapnia). The increase in PaCO2 in turn decreases the HCO3−/PaCO2 ratio and decreases pH. Terminology[edit] Acidosis refers to disorders that lower cell/tissue pH to < 7.35. Acidemia refers to an arterial pH < 7.36.[1] Types of respiratory acidosis[edit] Respiratory acidosis can be acute or chronic. In acute respiratory acidosis, the PaCO2 is elevated above the upper limit of the reference range (over 6.3 kPa or 45 mm Hg) with an accompanying acidemia (pH <7.36). In chronic respiratory acidosis, the PaCO2 is elevated above the upper limit of the reference range, with a normal blood pH (7.35 to 7.45) or near-normal pH secondary to renal compensation and an elevated serum bicarbonate (HCO3− >30 mm Hg). Causes Continue reading >>

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  1. LunaLightfoot

    So, my entire family is dieting right now. I'm the only one doing keto. Every Saturday we all get together to have dinner (I'm talking aunts, unces, cousins, the whole nine yards). My family jokingly calls that day "Fatterday" because they allow themselves to cheat on their diets for that day.
    I'd like to cheat on fatterday as well, but I by no means want to take the whole day off. I'm thinking maybe just a small item I could normally not have. Like a side of potato chips (certainly nothing like an order of pasta). How bad would this be for my keto?
    Do any of you do something like fatterday? Does it help with cravings through out the week? How has it effected your weight loss?
    Thanks :)

  2. MissesDreadful

    You've only been on keto for 12 days, it's really a bit early to think about having a weekly cheat day. You won't be fully adapted for at least a few weeks, and going in and out of ketosis wouldn't help with that.
    After that, that's up to personal opinion.

  3. LunaLightfoot

    thanks :)

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