How Do Ketone Supplements Work?

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Exogenous Ketones: To Ketone Or Not To Ketone

My thoughts on Exogenous Ketones After being contacted (following the Youtube Q&A) by several folks – both members of Ketogains and Internet strangers, I felt compelled to write as fair and even-handed a write-up on exogenous ketone supplementation as I feel can be mustered. I condition my response by saying this – I want to deal only in evidence and hypotheses grounded in biochemistry. I admit up front that this will probably become something of a treatise on what constitutes a well-formulated ketogenic diet. I don’t have the time (or the energy) to put together a document that covers all facets of the use of exogenous ketones in sufficient depth, so what I want to do is to address the folks that I see asking me about them most often – those who have excess body fat, and are looking to lose weight. They have been told about the potential benefits to fat loss via exogenous ketones, and they want to know if the hype is real. Those of you who know me (or read my previous post here) know that I like to respond with “it depends.” So…when the question is raised, “Should I supplement with exogenous ketones?” what do you think my answer will be? Probably not! (HA, I tric Continue reading >>

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  1. Reeferhydro420

    During the winter months I feel excessively cold. The weather could be at 75 degrees farenheit and I still feel excessively cold. Is this because of extremely low body fat or is this just normal in ketosis. This happens every winter and I'm pretty much always in strict nutritional whole food based ketosis(or however you wanna word that ;)) Can anyone relate?

  2. evilant1981

    I do feel colder this winter than I have in the past, but I've just attributed it to my body being less insulated now, lol.
    I haven't put more thought into it than that, so I don't have a real answer. I'm just here to commiserate.

  3. Reeferhydro420

    Same here. It kinda sucks cuz at 40 degrees outside, I'm pretty much forced to wear 3 layers of shirts, a heavy jacket, gloves, beanie, two layers of sweatpants and socks and still cold lol! Wish I had some fat on me

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