How Can Metabolic Acidosis Be Compensated?

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Acid-base Disorders

Content currently under development Acid-base disorders are a group of conditions characterized by changes in the concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) or bicarbonate (HCO3-), which lead to changes in the arterial blood pH. These conditions can be categorized as acidoses or alkaloses and have a respiratory or metabolic origin, depending on the cause of the imbalance. Diagnosis is made by arterial blood gas (ABG) interpretation. In the setting of metabolic acidosis, calculation of the anion gap is an important resource to narrow down the possible causes and reach a precise diagnosis. Treatment is based on identifying the underlying cause. Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Reeferhydro420

    During the winter months I feel excessively cold. The weather could be at 75 degrees farenheit and I still feel excessively cold. Is this because of extremely low body fat or is this just normal in ketosis. This happens every winter and I'm pretty much always in strict nutritional whole food based ketosis(or however you wanna word that ;)) Can anyone relate?

  2. evilant1981

    I do feel colder this winter than I have in the past, but I've just attributed it to my body being less insulated now, lol.
    I haven't put more thought into it than that, so I don't have a real answer. I'm just here to commiserate.

  3. Reeferhydro420

    Same here. It kinda sucks cuz at 40 degrees outside, I'm pretty much forced to wear 3 layers of shirts, a heavy jacket, gloves, beanie, two layers of sweatpants and socks and still cold lol! Wish I had some fat on me

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