How Can I Start Ketosis

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What Is The Best Way To Reduce Belly Fat And Flatten Your Stomach?

The body fat percentage of our body depends 80% on what we eat and only 20% on how much we exercise. One need not starve himself/herself to reduce the belly fat and overall weight. Here is what you should do. Eat the right amount of carbohydrates - When we eat carbohydrates more than what our body can utilize, the excess carbohydrates get converted to fat. But how do we know the amount of carbohydrates we should be eating to lose fat? Well, it’s simple. Just find out your weight in kilograms. Let’s say it is 80 kg. Now add 10 to it. It comes out to 90. So, this is roughly the amount of carbohydrates (in grams) you should have in a day to lose fat. Now, you may argue that how to calculate the amount of carbohydrates in grams. It’s also not difficult. There are many applications which help you calculate the macro nutrients of whatever you eat. Some of the most popular are myfitnesspal and healthifyme. Install them on your smartphone. Or else, google. For example: How many grams are there in one chapati? Prefer complex carbohydrates - There are two major types of carbohydrates viz. simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates like refined flour, white ric Continue reading >>

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  1. Apurva Inamdar

    Name the simplest ketone.

    Name the simplest ketone.

  2. Mohit Gupta

    The simplest ketone is known as acetone or propanone. It consist a carbonyl group which is flanked between two methyl group.
    The structure of ketone is :-


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