How Can I Get My Ketones Down?

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Aldehydes And Ketones Reactions

6 Reactions of aldehydes and ketones with water to produce hydrates Experimentt: Al dehyde and Ketone Reactions Aldehydes and ketones are an important class of compounds in organic chemistry. The importance of molecular structure in the reactivity of organic compounds is illustrated by the reactions that produce aldehydes and ketones. Carbonyl Condensation Reactions As a result of the large dipole of the carbonyl group: Nucleophilic carbonyl: aldehydes, ketones, esters, amides and Chapter 14 Aldehydes and Ketones • This makes low molecular weight aldehydes and ketones ALDEHYDE AND KETONE REACTIONS Oxidation and reduction of aldehydes and ketones • Aldehydes can be oxidized easily to carboxylic acids Reactions of aldehydes and ketones with alcohols This reaction is used as a simple test to distinguish aldehydes from ketones REACTIONS OF ALDEHYDES TASK Write balanced equations for the following reactions. In a similar reaction alcohols add reversibly to aldehydes and ketones to form hemiacetals (hemi, Greek, half). . 2 Nomenclature 20. Read more. The aldehyde serves as the dienophile . This two step reaction starts with the nucleophilic attack of the Phosphorus on the (usually pr Continue reading >>

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  1. TammieCA

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Tammie and I am new here. I come here today for much needed support and advice.
    As I write this, my 7 year old boy Darius is at the emergency vet. About three months ago, we found out he had diabetes. He's on Lantus, 1 unit, 2x a day. We're still in the process of trying to figure out where his insulin should be and this is all somewhat new to me.
    The day before yesterday, I noticed he was somewhat lethargic and wasn't eating much. I was immediately concerned and got him into our vet. Due to it being a half holiday and they squeezed him in, I don't think he got the attention he really needed. But, his glucose was 207 so that wasn't immediately concerning. Our vet was concerned with him being so lethargic and thought he might have an infection. He ran a full blood panel (had to be sent out, results not in until tomorrow or Tues) and gave him an injectible antibiotic in case he had an infection.
    When we brought him home, he seemed so much worse. He was even more lethargic and just really out of it. I monitored him until the next morning and then I brought him to the emergency vet. This was yesterday morning.
    When they tested him yesterday morning, his glucose had shot up to 460. He wasn't eating or drinking. They immediately put him on fluids. I just saw him about an hour ago and my heart is so broken.He's still so out of it. Barely can open his eyes and isn't moving around a lot. He is getting up to use his litter pan,but he's still not eating. His sugar was back down to 208 today, and they were going to test it again after I left. I'm going back to see him tonight.
    I'm so sad, so scared and just so surprised at how rapid his decline has been. He's definitely in DKA.
    My question to you friends is has your kitty pulled through this? I've read so many horrible things and I'm so scared he's not going to be able fight this thing. Please...I just need a little hope.
    Thanks for listening,
    Tammie and Darius

  2. Karen & Smokey(GA)

    Others will be along soon....
    My Smokey never had DKA, but the short answer is YES....they can survive.
    It sounds like the right things are being done for Darius at the ER.
    I'm sending prayers for you and Darius.

  3. Sue and Oliver (GA)

    I am so sorry you and Darius are going through this, Tammie. As Karen said, lots of cats do survive DKA, but it is very serious.
    The next time you go visit, take a "used"T shirt that smells like you, so the ER will feel a little more like home.

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