High Blood Sugar Ketosis

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Protein Over-consumption In Ketogenic Diets Explained

Protein over-consumption is one of the main issues discussed at the Ketogains Group everyday. People are always reading, hearing and/or misunderstanding that eating protein will cause gluconeogenesis and kick you out of ketosis. Tyler Cartwright splendidly refuted the claim that protein supply activates GNG in this post, I recommend you check it out. So, if protein consumption doesn’t massively increase gluconeogenesis, then two questions remain: Why doesn’t ketogains recommend you eat tons of protein? Why does protein over-consumption lower ketones? Ketogains Protein Recommendation Of these questions, the first is easier to answer. The reason we don’t advocate the consumption of tons of protein is because beyond a certain point -arguably somewhere between .8g and 1.2g per pound of lean mass(lbm)- there’s just no benefit. Protein also carries a couple of minor inconveniences: It tends to be expensive and it can cause indigestion. If there were no other reason not to over-consume protein, this would simply be enough. There is also a minor debate over whether or not protein over-consumption prolongs the adaptation phase (irrelevant if you are already adapted). Also some peopl Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. gmpearce

    ketosis and high blood glucose

    Been on <20 carbs per day for five days. Blood glucose has yet to go below 130. Does one still go into ketosis when the BG is elevated?

  2. gmpearce

    Thank you for your response. I test numerous times per day with varied results. 130 is just he best that I had seen to date. My fasting bg iranges from 140 - 170. Drung the day it can get as high as 190 one or two hours after a meal.
    I wabt get my bg below 100 consistently, but I also want to lose weight, hence my question about ketosis and elevated bg. I have not boutght any test strips yet, becasuse I do not want to get frustrated if I am not in ketosis.
    If I have to be patient and wait until my bg lowers consistently, so bie it. I just want to know.
    BTW - I take 10mg of glipizide per day.
    Thanks again for your replyl

  3. gmpearce

    A very detailed response, but the answer to my question still alludes. Forgive me if I am being obtusem but put simply:
    Does elevated blood glucose levels (over 120) prevent one from going into ketosis? Yes or no?
    Thanks for your patience.

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