Glycerol To Glucose

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Glycerol Diffusion In Skin At Glucose Impact On Tissue

Glycerol diffusion in skin at glucose impact on tissue Abstract: In this paper we present results of experimental study of glucose impact on skin tissue by testing tissue structure alteration at glycerol diffusivity. The measurements have been performed using Ocean Optics spectrometer USB4000 in transmittance mode. In the in vitro experiments twenty samples of intact rat skin were used. Transmittance of ten samples was measured immediately after obtaining the samples concurrently with administration of 58% aqueous glycerol solution in the spectral range 400-1000 nm. The second group of the rat skin samples (ten samples) was incubated during 24 hours in 40%-glucose solution and during 24 hours in physiological solution. After that transmittance of the ten samples was measured concurrently with administration of the 58%- glycerol solution. Special computer program has been developed for processing of the experimental data and estimation of the glycerol diffusion rate. Degree of optical clearing of intact skin samples and skin samples previously immersed in glucose solution were estimated and compared. As a result we found that the optical clearing of intact skin increases about 3 ti Continue reading >>

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  1. Aine

    I just called Boots in Cambridge for Ketone testing strips and was interrogated like a criminal. They wanted to know why I wanted them, and I said I was testing for ketones, and then further questioning, so Isaid I was on a diet. She abruptly said, "Okay, right..I'm sorry, we're not allowed to sell them. Goodbye," and hung up. :confused:
    What am I missing? :rolleyes: I thought they were easily available and didn't know I was trying to purchase some restricted item. I know they are really for diabetics, but didn't want to be dishonest or rather, didn't think I had to be dishonest to purchase them.
    Are there restrictions on their sale in the UK? (I hav only been here a few months) Maybe I can do without them, but I was curious to know if I am in ketosis.
    Now I feel stupid for calling, and like I called to ask for ganja (marijauana). :(
    Bye for now :wave:

  2. daisy

    Boots refused to sell my boyfriend Ketostix (that's the brand name) when he admitted he wasn't a diabetic, & they refused to give a reason. :mad: From what I've heard there aren't official restrictions on them, so I'm assuming Boots are just fascists. I don't have my boyfriend's scruples, so I went to Superdrug & lied- I said they were for my mum!:rolleyes: - but they had run out.
    Finally we got them from a company called Pharmacy4U, which I'm sure has a website (try Pharmacy4U.co.uk). After all that, though, we never use them any more! Maybe I will once I'm on maintenance. So don't worry too much about them :)
    Take care, Daisy

  3. Aine

    Thanks Daisy, I think I'll just do without them or try the website you suggested.
    Cheers :wave:

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