Glucose Stored As Fat

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How Are Carbohydrates Converted Into Fat Deposits?

How are carbohydrates converted into fat deposits? There are two ways that carbohydrates and body fat interact. One is directly by turning into body fat, and the other is via insulin. Turning into body fat is like adding fat into the fat cells, whereas carbohydrates spiking insulin does not add anything to fat cells per se, but hinders the release. The former is like a + equation, where the latter is a double negative which results in something that seems positive. There is a process called de novo lipogenesis (literally: Creation of fat from non-fat sources) that can occur in the body. This process turns glucose into lipids, which are then stored as body fat. This process is normally quite inefficient in the body [1] , which suggests that carbohydrates cannot be stored as fat to a high degree. The process can be upregulated (enhanced) if dietary fat comprised almost none of the diet (lesser than 10%, as a rough estimate), if carbohydrate intake is excessively high for a period of a few days, or if one follows an obesogenic diet (diet that is likely to make you fat) for a prolonged period of time. [1] [2] [3] Carbohydrates spike insulin , which is a hormone that mediates glucose m Continue reading >>

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  1. cliff_vtr

    carb depletion ?

    carb depletion ? did 50mins moderate cardio last night, by the end starting to get hungary, so necked a whey shake and went home for a meal. Afterwards felt kinda weak and odd, so was thinking that maybe I had become abit depleted so ate a banana and within about 30mins felt OK again.

  2. Malika

    RE: carb depletion ?

    Yes, You probably deplated your muscles of carb(glycogen) after this amount of cardio... Maybe you should have taken some whey+maltodextrose just after it to replenish your glycogen level.

  3. cliff_vtr

    RE: carb depletion ?

    yes, will do that or maybe just do a little less, say 40mins

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