Glucose Ketone Index Formula

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What Is The Glucose Ketone Index And Why Does It Matter?

We’re all for using tools to improve our health and meet personal goals for our body. If you’ve never heard of or used the glucose ketone index (GKI), now’s the time to learn more about this useful tool. This article will fully explain what the glucose ketone index is and why it matters that we all use it. What is the Glucose Ketone Index? The glucose ketone index (GKI) is a single number that gives you a way to monitor the state of your metabolic health. Tracking your ketone levels lets you know how far you are into ketosis, and the GKI gives you a picture of the relationship between your ketone levels and your glucose levels. It’s simply an even more efficient way to see where you stand with your health. Let’s take a second to talk about what metabolic health means, as this needs to be clarified for two reasons: Many people who hear the term think of “metabolism,” which has been watered down a lot in recent times and is often misunderstood (such as the myth that intermittent fasting kills your metabolism, etc), and it’s not the same as an overall picture of metabolic health. Metabolic health has been defined in many different ways by researchers depending on what Continue reading >>

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  1. Eastfart

    I'm wondering what the so called dangers of being low carb or keto while pregnant. My wife has gestational diabetes and the endocrinologist is pushing carbs and insulin because they think low carb high fat is bad. The only thing I've seen is about it being bad is keto acidosis (which I know is bogus, she's not type 1) and that the baby need sugars for brain development but I think gluconeogenisis would take care of this. Does anyone have info or articles about this subject? Thanks

  2. telladifferentstory

    Just had a baby. Ate almost zero carb (except for bingeing at beginning and end of pregnancy that maybe was a calorie issue). I got lots of pushback from doctors. I ignored them and listened to my body and had a healthy, 6lb. baby girl. I craved sugar a ton. I felt destined for gestational diabetes. I fought it off and won.

  3. St3phiroth

    I don't have a scientific source for you, but my reproductive endocrinologist had me on keto for first trimester and I'm now on a modified keto-ish GD diet (~100g net carbs - enough to keep me out of ketosis, but still LCHF) for second and third trimester because she felt she didn't have solid scientific evidence that nutritional ketones and being in ketosis was 100% safe for baby. The GD diet and common treatment has plenty of studies showing it's safe for mom and baby, so they're more likely to stick to backed research rather than recommend something unstudied. In my case, she was especially hesitant because I'm already high risk. (PCOS, history of miscarriage, pre-diabetic, and likely GD - testing is tomorrow.) She said she'd be more open to me trying it if I wasn't high risk.
    I'm still avoiding processed sugars and most grains, and just adding in more starchy veggies, high fiber fruits, and full-fat dairy. I'm also on Metformin, but I was on that before getting pregnant.
    So it's really possible that your wife's doctor is coming from that same perspective and/or that she doesn't fully understand keto or has misinformation and is hesitant to approve an untested plan for an already high risk patient. I totally get your frustrations though.

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