Glucose Ketone Index For Weight Loss

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Glucose Ketone Index (gki) – What Ratio Do I Need For Nutritional Ketosis Benefits?

Generally these blog posts are a result of scratching my own itch (answering my own question), and this post is no different. At the time of writing this, I’m doing a 5-day fast, and wanted to understand the readings I’m getting for my blood glucose and blood ketone levels. Initially I thought that blood ketones were all that mattered, and certainly a lot of people only talk about that reading. But looking at Dr Thomas Seyfried’s paper on treating brain cancer (glioblastomas). It suggests that its important to take into account blood glucose also. In their study, they acheieved optimal results when their patients maintained what they called ‘nutritional ketosis’. And as part of the paper, they included a formula for what this means. The chart below describes visually what they mean by nutritional ketosis, and how it affected the tumour growth. The red is an increase in ketones as a fictional patient goes deeper into ketosis. The black line represents blood glucose, that decreases to a plateau, as carbohydrate sources are removed from the diet, and glycogen stores decrease. So that sweet spot they reach at the end is an optimum level of nutritional ketosis. Now… obviousl Continue reading >>

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  1. j

    Ketones In Urine

    I did testing for a UTI a couple days ago and it came back negative. However, there are ketones in my urine? What does this mean? The nurse didn't tell me anything, just said I was negative for UTIs. Has anyone else had this?

  2. Camden2010mom

    It means that you are dehydrated. Drink more water (like 10 glasses per day!) takes tons to keep you well hydrated during a summer pregnancy.

  3. Ale010511

    I had the same thing done today and told me the same results as you. My doc said it was cause i was dehydrated. She told me to just rest and drink lots and lots of water. Good luck to you!!

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