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The Glucose-ketone Index Approach To Cancer Therapy Some Early Insights

The Glucose-Ketone Index Approach to Cancer Therapy Some Early Insights Written by Chris on June 01, 2015 No comments This recent article appeared in March 2015. Thomas Seyfried and colleagues came up with a way to monitor the therapeutic efficacy for managing brain cancer by introducing the glucose ketone index. This tool measures the ratio of blood glucose to ketones (BOHB) and its helpful because it outputs a single number that would tell if a patient is predominantly burning ketones or glucose. It would assess whether the patient is successful into implementing a ketogenic dietary approach (or a fasting approach) to managing different pathological conditions. The Glucose Ketone Index (GKI) was created to track the zone of metabolic management for brain tumor management. The GKI is a biomarker that refers to the molar ratio of circulating glucose over -OHB, which is the major circulating ketone body. A mathematical tool called the Glucose Ketone Index Calculator was developed that can calculate the GKI and monitor changes in this parameter on a daily basis. The GKIC generates a single value that can assess the relationship of the major fermentable tumor fuel (glucose) to the no Continue reading >>

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  1. ThinInHere

    Today is day 3 on induction for me, and while I feel great having already lost 3lbs (yay!), I've noticed that shortly after I eat I get nauseous. Is this normal, and if so, is it just in the beginning or will it last?

  2. ElleH

    I feel nauseous when I'm hungry in ketosis, but not after I eat. Hopefully others will have input for you, but I know that while the body is adjusting to ketosis, a wide range of effects can be felt in different people.

  3. ThinInHere

    Thanks for your quick reply. I was actually thinking it may be due to ketosis and the fact that I'm "detoxing" from carbs. This is a huge adjustment for me as I was eating primarily all carbs prior to beginning Atkins.

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