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Glucose Ketone Index For Metabolictherapy - The Trustees Of Boston College

Glucose Ketone Index for MetabolicTherapy United States Patent Application 20160078782 The ratio of blood glucose to blood ketones as a single Glucose Ketone Index value is tracked to manage metabolic treatment. This ratio identifies a metabolic state of health and has potential use for monitoring the progression of a metabolic or inflammatory disease or indication for all types of cancer, neurological disorders, and chronic inflammatory diseases. The tracking can be performed by a device or kit, such as a Glucose Ketone Index Calculator. Meidenbauer, Joshua J. (Auburndale, MA, US) THE TRUSTEES OF BOSTON COLLEGE (Chestnut Hill, MA, US) Bond Schoeneck & King, PLLC (350 Linden Oaks 3rd Floor Rochester NY 14625) 1. A method for managing the metabolic treatment of a subject comprising: administering a diet to the subject, wherein the diet reduces blood glucose levels and elevates blood ketone levels in the subject; tracking the ratio of blood glucose to blood ketone levels in the subject as a single Glucose Ketone Index value; and maintaining the tracked Glucose Ketone Index value within a target range. 2. The method of claim 1, wherein the maintaining the tracked Glucose Ketone Index Continue reading >>

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  1. L1FTHVY

    Where to buy Keto strips?

    first of all, i dont even know what they are.
    2nd, what do u do with them?

  2. chimponarope

    A pharmacy.
    Look up ketone testing strips, more commonly used by diabetics.

  3. pinzer

    wal-mart has cheap generic ones.
    You pee on them, or dip them in pee. If they change color you are in ketosis... doesn't really matter how dark they get. To quote a previous post... "it's like a light switch, you're either in keto or not."

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