Gaining Weight First Week Of Keto

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Gaining Weight On Your Healthy Diet?

Do you dare to trust the process when you experience a weight gain on your new healthy diet? One of the most destructive patterns I see is when women start panicking because they experience weight gain on their new healthy lifestyle when they were expecting the opposite to happen. It often doesn’t take much of a weight gain before they’re ready to give everything up – and this goes especially if we’re dealing with a high fat diet like LCHF or keto since it’s difficult to believe that the old dogma about fat making you fat isn’t true after all. I get it! I do. I really truly get it! No woman enjoys seeing the number on the scale going up! And there’s nothing as discouraging as seeing that not only didn’t your hard work pay off – it actually brought you further from your goal. LCHF/keto is often easy on this part since you empty your glycogen stores within the first week and with them, you lose quite a lot of water weight. Most people therefore experience significant weight loss within the first week. But not all. Some experience that the weight stays the same or that it even goes up a bit. It makes it easy to conclude that LCHF/KETO didn’t work anyway! For most p Continue reading >>

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  1. Longisland2NC

    Hi Everyone - I am new to Keto, and REALLY excited about changing my eating style (and bad habits!) - but I am not gonna lie, I am a bit *scared* about going from a low fat diet (pounded into my head for years!) and switching up to a High Fat one. But after all the research and reading (and seeing amazing success stories) I am ready to JUST DO IT!
    My question is, Do you initially gain some weight first when starting Keto - or does your body *get it* right away because of the very low carbs? I just want to be prepared to not have a $&it Fit if I get on the scale in a few days and see the number go up and not down
    Thanks in advance for any info - and if anyone would like to add me, I would love some motivated friends!!! ~Kathy

  2. jillwhite12

    I dropped about 10 lbs the first week and haven't stopped losing! Fats are good for you...just keep repeating it to yourself

  3. JisatsuHoshi

    Lose. normally it's water weight during induction due to the decrease of Carbs.
    1gram of Carbs hold 4 grams of water weight.
    Bf% should start to go down once fats become primary source of energy.

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