Foods To Reduce Acidosis

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Types Of Acidosis And Foods To Avoid- Easy Health Options

Easy Health Options Home Healthy Living Full body acid: Whats eating you? You want to feel vibrant. We all do. But something is eating away at you and causing many of the ailments you potentially face, ranging from lack of energy to cancer Acidosis is when your bodys internal environment meaning all its blood, cells, tissues and organs are in an acidic state. Healthy humans are alkaline humans. An alkaline state is the opposite of an acidic state. So overcoming a chronic state of acidosis and replacing it with a natural, balanced state of alkalinity, is the way to restore health and vibrancy. To do that, you need to look at the pH of your body, the foods that go into it and the other outside factors that can tip that balance Your pH (potential of hydrogen) is a reflection of your bodys balance between its alkaline and acidic state. That pH is measured on a logarithmic scale in which 7.0 is neutral. The lower the reading on the scale the more acidic the body is and the higher the reading, above 7, the more alkaline the body. When the body maintains a high pH you feel vibrant, at ease and well. However, when the environment of the body is acidic, with a low pH reading, inflammation, Continue reading >>

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  1. Alan Young

    If you hyperventilate you ‘blow off’ the carbon dioxide in your blood very quickly. Carbon dioxide has an effect on cerebral blood vessels (the blood vessels in the brain).

  2. Jonas Grandt

    My best guess (which is better than nothing), is that rapid, shallow breaths use oxygen way faster than they collect, and they cannot effectively remove carbon dioxide from the bloodstream, leading to fainting through oxygen deprivation and carbon dioxide buildup. Once you've fainted, your breathing should return to normal, fixing both problems before much else happens.

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