Fatty Acids Cannot Be Used To Make Glucose Because Quizlet

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Nutrition. Chap 7: Energy Metabolism.

Sort Proteins: makes nonessential AA that are in short supply. Removes excess AA & converts them to other AA, or deaminates them & converts them to glucose or fatty acids. Removes ammonia from blood & converts it to urea for excretion. Makes DNA/RNA. & many proteins. >> Other: Detoxifies alcohol, drugs, poison, & excretes them. Helps dismantle old RBC's & captures the iron for recycling. Stores most vitamins, & many minerals. Activates Vitamin D. AA: Before entering metabolic pathways, AA are deaminated (lose their nitrogen amino group). deamination produces ammonia (which provides nitrogen to make nonessential AA. Remaining ammonia is excreted by urea in liver/kid. AA pathway: can enter pathways as pyruvate/Acetyl CoA/others enter krebs as compounds other than Acetyl CoA. AA that make glucose either by pyruvate or krebs cycle are glucogenic. AA that are degraded to Acetyl CoA are Ketogenic. Thus, proteins unlike fats, are a good source of glucose when carbs aren't available. In the liver: because of capillary network the liver is first to get alcohol saturated blood. liver cells are the only other cells in the body that can make sufficient quantities of dehydrogenase, to oxidize a Continue reading >>

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  1. NewdestinyX

    Is moderate Ketosis too much?

    Hey gang,
    For dieting reasons I've recently started an Atkins styled approach. It's modified in that I sorta blend Phase 1 and 2(which adds nuts and more dairy) with a little bit of 'potatoes' (from Phase 3). No grains at all no fruit juices at all. I stay under 30g of carbs a day without fail. In the first 5 days I'm down 6.5 lbs -- after having been on an extended plateau for 6 months caused by taking too much basal insulin AND by still allowing myself some grains in the form of Sugar Free treats from different companies.
    So this modified Atkins is working. Cool!. BUT I picked up Ketosis sticks the other day to verify whether or not I'm in full Ketosis (not to be confused with Ketoacidosis which is VERY bad for diabetics). I had heard on several forums that it's good to get yourself so the read out is between 'trace' to 'low' and that means you're where Atkins wants you for fat burning. But I was surprised to not that I'm in the MODERATE zone for sure -- with the color coding and at the 15 second mark after passing thru urine stream. Even on a very 'liberal' Atkins program that is not following it to a tee... I've achieved and agressive ketosis. That explains the nearly 1 pound of weight loss a day so far..
    My question is -- is 'moderate' on the read too TOO MUCH ketosis. Should I add back some carbs to slow that down? Am I endangering myself at all for the dreaded 'ketoacidosis' by being at this level of ketosis?
    Thanks for your input!

  2. jwags

    I think you are confusing ketoacidosis which is caused by very high bgs and dehydration, usually in Type 1's but can happen in Type 2's ( rarely). Usually bgs are quite high . When you are on a ketogenic diet you start to use fat for fuel ( energy). That is why you lose weight. Bein on a ketogenic diet does not lead to ketoacidosis. Go to Jenny's Low Carb Blog, she discusses all aspects of very low carb diet and what to expect

  3. furball64801

    When I was Atkins I never was concerned with it, felt the best in my life if only I have the determination again, you never know I might wake up and say this is the day.

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