Fatty Acids And Amino Acids Produce Far Less Atp Than One Glucose Molecule.

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Metabolism & Nutrition

Sort The sum of all biochemical reactions that take place in the human body at any given time is called __________. phosphorylation anabolism catabolism metabolism metabolism The breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose in the body is classified as: synthesis. anabolism. catabolism. homeostasis catabolism Which of the following is NOT a nutrient monomer used by the body to generate ATP? fatty acids glucose nucleic acids amino acids nucleic acids Which of the following reactions requires energy, such as ATP, to proceed? exergonic reactions phosphorylation reactions oxidation reactions endergonic reactions endergonic reactions What process involves the donation of a phosphate group from ATP to a reactant to "pay" for a cellular process? oxidation anabolism phosphorylation synthesis phosphorylation When electrons are lost from one substance, they are transferred to another molecule in reactions known as: endergonic reactions. synthesis reactions. oxidation-reduction reactions. phosphorylation reactions. oxidation-reduction reactions Complete the formula for glucose catabolism (cell reparation): C6H12O6 + ___ --> 6H2O + 6CO2 + _____+ heat 6O2; lactate 6O2; 38 ATP 2 ATP; 38 ATP 6CO2; 6O2 Continue reading >>

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  1. Franksta1118

    Triacylglycerol vs. Glucose

    Can somebody provide an explanation of why Triacylglycerols provide more ATP per carbon when fully oxidized to ATP than does Glucose. I'm thinking along the lines of B-Oxidation and such but I'm not too sure how the numbers work out. Thanks a lot!

  2. BloodySurgeon

    In order for a n-carbon fatty acid to be completely oxidized, (n/2)-1 turns of B-oxidation cycles must be completed, which produces (n/2)-1 FADH2, (n/2)-1 NADH, and n/2 acetyl-CoA. Each acetyle-CoA then goes through the citric acid cycle and produces the same amount of ATP as half a glucose. So as long as a fatty acid is 4 carbons or longer, it will produce more ATP than glucose.
    Also remember a triglyceride has three fatty acid chains and have chains usually around 16 carbons long in humans. So if you do the math, there are usually around 9x more ATP in triglycerides.

  3. BloodySurgeon

    This of course is unless information for the mcat... all you need to know is that triglycerides have more energy, but ATP are more usable energy sources by breaking the high energy phosphate bonds.

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