Fasting To Get Into Ketosis

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Yes, You Can Get Into Ketosis Even If You're Vegan. Here's How

One of the most interesting panels at this year's revitalize, mbg's exclusive event in the Arizona desert (think TED but with a lot more yoga and probiotics), was a discussion on intermittent fasting and ketosis, two buzzwords just beginning to become familiar in the health world. Mention a ketogenic diet, and those who are familiar typically picture something similar to a high-fat paleo diet, heavy in animal protein and plant and animal fat. Because of this, panelist Carrie Diulus, M.D., made waves when she detailed using intermittent fasting and ketosis to maintain an almost 100-pound weight loss and manage her type 1 diabetes. Oh—and she does it all while being plant-based. Fascinated (and filled with questions!), we caught up with her after the panel to learn more. CD: I stopped eating meat because I thought it was healthier when I was 12, and I was vegan/vegetarian for about two decades. During my 20s, this resulted in me eating mostly processed junk, which resulted in me weighing 100 pounds more than I do now. I started medical school and lost the weight eating a calorie-restricted, low-fat, mostly vegan diet. During my orthopedic residency, I started eating meat again. I g Continue reading >>

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  1. samille

    I heard the 2 keto dudes say on their podcast that you shouldn’t fast when first starting keto. Anyone have any science on why not and the possible issues? I couldn’t find anything

  2. Rian

    If you are already in ketosis the first few days of your fast will be a lot smoother. If you aren’t in ketosis the first few days will likely be absolute hell. But it’s safe and definitely possible, it’s just not ideal. Even just a day or two of zero carb before a fast would likely help you a lot.

  3. PaulL

    Only that fasting is much easier after you become fat-adapted. Trying to fast as a sugar burner can be done, but it’s not a pleasant experience. Why set yourself up for misery and/or failure?

    Get through the adaptation phase while you’re still able to eat, then you may find yourself fasting intermittently without even trying, and from there to a longer-term fast is a very small step.

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