Exogenous Ketones After Cheat Meal

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How To Get Back Into Ketosis Quickly After Cheat Day

For those of you on a low carb diet (LCD) who are actively trying to stay in Ketosis, cheating is a BIG deal. Unlike other diet plans, you cant simply make up for that piece of cake or bowl of spaghetti with an extra workout for the week. A cheat day takes much longer to recover from and it cab be quite frustrating to recover from. Some people need to plan scheduled cheat days. It helps them stay on track and not go stir crazy trying to be strict. Some plan it every 40 days, 90 days or after a certain amount of weight loss. This is a perfectly acceptable method to try if you are truly missing your carbs and treats. Just be aware that it can take days or weeks to recover at times and get back into ketosis quickly. Some people start to feel ill and have to re go through “carb flu”, fatigue, and hunger issues. Others do just fine carb cycling. Some just don’t want to cheat at all because of these issues. So whether it is a planned cheat day, and accidental carb overdose, or a part of your fat burn/muscle building cycle, here are a few tips to help get back on track after throwing yourself out of ketosis. 1. Hide your scale You are almost guaranteed to make the scale go up after Continue reading >>

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  1. lxdr1f7

    Does anyone know what would happen if you take exogenous ketones and eat a high carb meal at the same time? Would you stay in ketosis?

  2. WillowWagner

    This. Exactly.

  3. silenoz357

    Your body still prefers glucose over ketones, it will ignore the ketones and use the glucose and if the level of glucose is high enough, it will knock you out of ketosis the same as any other carb-limit exceeding meal would do. It would really just be the same as a 'cheat', you'd be out for a day or two and then if you returned to a normal nutritional ketogenic meal plan, you'd be back in ketosis. There really is no free lunch, no magic bullet, consistency and dedication are the keys. Not to mention, exogenous ketones or not, the high carb meal will go through your digestive system and oh the carby poops it will make. Every cheat I've done has ended in me on the toilet thinking about what I really want in life and remembering why I started this journey in the first place.

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