Eating Low Carb But Not In Ketosis

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Why You’re Not In Ketosis

As the COO of Diet Doctor and low-carb enthusiast for years, you would have thought I’d nailed ketosis years ago. I haven’t, and here’s why. Am I still in ketosis? To get into ketosis, the most important thing is to eat maximum 20 grams of digestible carbs per day. When I went low carb in 2012, I followed that advice to the letter – replacing all high-carb foods like potatoes, bread, rice, pasta, legumes, fruit, juice, soda, and candy, with eggs, dairy, meat, vegetables, fats and berries – counting every carb I consumed. I felt great – effortless weight loss, no stomach issues, tons of energy and inspiration. But over time, something changed – I no longer felt as great as I used to. Until recently, I had no idea why. The journey to find out started with a simple question: Am I still in ketosis? The moment of truth At a Diet Doctor dinner a while ago, our CTO, Johan, gently challenged me. “Bjarte, you’re eating quite a lot of protein. Have you measured your ketones lately?”. “No”, I said, feeling slightly defensive, “I’ve never measured my ketones. Should I?”. It was wake-up time. Johan and I grabbed two blood-ketone meters from a dusty drawer, pricked Continue reading >>

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  1. obviousdscretion

    Just curious if any of the benefits of keto work if I'm eating high fat med protein but more than 20g carb/day?

  2. [deleted]

    I've been averaging about 60g carbs per day. Sometimes up to 80, sometimes as low as 20. In a month I've dropped 10 pounds (186 - 175) that wouldn't come off before even though I run and play soccer. Just switching to low carb, almost keto levels, has helped me lose weight and drop a pant size. You need to know your own body though, I've always known that carbs were my fastest way to put on weight, so cutting them back was a no brainer for me when I realized I wanted to lose weight.

  3. spanishgianni

    I did about 100 grams of carbs/day over a 4 month period. High fat. Lost 20 pounds, energy was good. And I got to eat so much fucking yogurt, I miss it so much...have to plan my day around a small bowl of Greek yogurt now, it's bullshit
    So yeah, weight loss and dairy are the benefits

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