Does Ketosis Make You Sweat

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Reactive Hypoglycemia

Reactive hypoglycemia is a condition in which the body reacts to a perceived catastrophic drop in blood sugar. I say perceived because during an episode, the blood sugar readings may be in the normal range, but still "feel" like low blood sugar to the person having the reaction. In my experience, hypoglycemia happens to most people when first beginning a low carb, ketogenic diet. It may be especially strong in people who have already developed insulin resistance or pre-diabetes from a chronic excess of carbohydrate intake. There are different types of low blood sugar causes. Transient hypoglycemia normally happens when most people who have been eating a high carb diet drastically reduce carbohydrate intake for the first time. This type happens during the first several weeks of carb reduction because the body has not had time to create the enzymes or metabolic state to burn internal fat stores for fuel. Basically there is a gap in the amount of carbohydrate available for fuel, and the process of accessing fat stores for fuel. The lack of fuel sources results in transient low blood sugar. Reactive hypoglycemia is more of an acute reaction to a very high carb meal. For instance, when Continue reading >>

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  1. Caveman Mark

    I have been smelling amonia in my sweat. saw online that it could be from my body starting to use my muscle as energy. i am low carb and low fat is that my problem? my diet is 46% fat, 32% protein, 22% carbs. good carbs veggies and maybe an apple or single piece of fruit. I eat between 1600 and2000 calories a day and about 60 to 70 grams of fat usually. have lost 80lbs total. 45 way of the primal. any help is appreciated.

  2. Maleficarum

    google information on ketosis... this topic comes up a lot... there is not a lot of good info on why we sometimes smell bad... but with no regularity... it's one of those mysteries of life...

  3. AnneArchy

    I had this problem and tried everything until I realized the smell was linked to coffee/caffeine consumption. It was simple- no caffeine no smell, cup of coffee- smell is back.
    Do you drink coffee?

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