Does Ketosis Cause Ketoacidosis

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Ketosis – What Is That All About?

What’s it all about? Is it good for you? Is it bad for you? What’s it like? How do I ‘do’ ketosis? How do I know I’m in ketosis? The questions everyone who’s Banting wants the answers to. Ketosis, in chef speak, is quite simply a state your body enters once it has been deprived of glucose. Your body switches to burning fat for energy (stored fat or fat that you have eaten) instead of glucose. A side-effect of that process is the release of ketone bodies into the blood stream. When you’re starved of glucose, your body has no choice but to burn fat for fuel, so it needs little explanation as to why ketosis works at melting fat like a blow heater on an ice sculpture. Ketosis comes with some added extras, namely a commonly noted sense of euphoria or lucidity and increased energy levels. A downside includes toothbrush-proof halitosis, which stems from the secretion of ammonia through the lungs as a side effect of burning all that fat. Some people on low-carb diets have reported kidney stones, gallstones and a number of other ailments. Scientific research on both sides of this debate is being done all the time, but in our experience from talking to the members of our commun Continue reading >>

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  1. smaug6

    So, as I have been reading more and more about Ketogenic diets, the topic of Ketoacidosis repeatedly comes up. From what I understand, a prolonged Ketogenic diet would eventually lead to Ketoacidosis. Obviously, this is not the case as people have been doing Keto for extended periods of time and do not exhibit any of the harmful effects associated with Ketoacidosis. Does anyone have any good sources explaining this?

  2. lowcarbbq

    can you link to any credible sources that say benign dietary ketosis would eventually lead to ketoacidosis?

  3. smaug6

    Here is an article documenting this in a woman on Keto diet for 4+ years. It was published by the New England Journal of Medicine.
    It mentions that the woman may have had a pre-disposition to ketoacidosis. However, the pathways it mentions for ketoacidosis to occur suggest that it would be more likely in a starvation diet. It did not indicate that the woman was engaged in a low calorie keto diet.
    Another article documenting a similar case, but with the subject on the diet for approximately 3 weeks.

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