Does Ketoacidosis Cause Pain

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Am I The Heart Attack?

A few weeks ago, I woke up at 3 a.m. with excruciating chest, arm, neck, and back pain. It was the kind of pain that resembled everything I’d ever read or heard about the pain which precedes a heart attack. I don’t know what the typical response is for a man who senses that he’s experiencing a cardiac emergency, but my response was probably a textbook example of what not to do: I stayed in bed and let my thoughts run wild. This can’t be a heart attack. I’m not breaking out in a cold sweat. I’m a healthy and well-controlled type 1 diabetic. I’m not short of breath. I exercised last night and felt fine. I had carrots and celery for my nighttime snack last night. I can’t afford to have a heart attack. What does a room in the cardiac ICU cost, ten thousand dollars a day? What if I die? What will my wife and son do without me? Why did I neglect my diabetes in my 20s? I ate too much pizza in college. God, I really can’t miss work today. I wonder if I can get to the emergency room and be out in time to get to work. After about 30 minutes of panicking and waiting for things to get better, I vomited. I remembered that my father-in-law had experienced the same symptoms when Continue reading >>

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  1. Clare R

    Burned esophagus after DKA

    I tried "Asking an Expert" but no answer yet on this… I need some advice here.
    I went into DKA over this past weekend. The vomiting burned my esophagus to the point that I can't eat regular foods because it hurts so bad. Has anyone experienced this? How long does the pain last? Any suggestions on how I can relieve the pain in the meantime? It's frustrating… swallowing food causes burning pain all the way from my throat down to my stomach.

  2. sandyfrazzini

    I did have that after one episode of DKA several years ago, only it was like everything I ate would give me really bad acid reflux. I don't recall a sore throat, but what I did have lasted a few weeks and was a real pain. Good luck to you, hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Clare R

    All they gave me for the esophagus pain in the hospital was aluminum hydroxide (kinda like MOM) and it didn't help. And then they'd bring me a bunch of things I couldn't eat. I did my best and ate what I could, but that wasn't much. Even water was hard to get down. I don't have a problem with Vicodin… I've taken it plenty of times without withdrawal effects. I'm not sure if throat spray would work, unless I maybe took a swig of it before eating, but I doubt that's recommended.

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