Does Ketoacidosis Cause Bad Breath

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Diabetes And Bad Breath – What Is The Correlation?

Diabetes and bad breath have a strong, established correlation. Diabetes sufferers will experience bad breath from time to time, and halitosis is actually a symptom of the disease. Even in people who do not have diabetes and bad breath, when sugar levels are too high or too low, the breath can smell a bit off. This is because sugar stops the body from adequately processing nutrients in the body, and sugar also takes on a different scent after it has dried. According to disturbing new findings from the National Institutes of Health and the CDC, as many as a third of Americans with type 2 diabetes don’t even know they have the illness Even more frightening, one in three adults in the US either has diabetes or a pre-diabetes disorder known as impaired glucose tolerance. Catherine Cowie, PhD, of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, says that this means that 73 million Americans either have the disease or are on their way to getting it. There is a universally held association between diabetes and bad breath, though the breath odor directly attributable to diabetes is not the same as halitosis in its normal sense. Frequently described as a “sweet” o Continue reading >>

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  1. Javier Gómez

    Cervical cancer has a characteristic smell due to the presence of dibutyl phtalate, and other volatile organic compounds.
    In a diagnostic test trial a Beagle dog was trained to recognize cervical cancer odor. He was able to detect and discriminate cancer and non cancer odors with a sensitivity of 96,5% [95% CI 90,51 -100] a specificity of 99,55% [95% CI 98,8 - 100] and a positive predictive value of 96,36% [95% IC 90,51 - 100].
    There are other reports about dogs ability to sniff out breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and bladder cancer (this last one with a sensibility of 41%), narcolepsy, migraines and hypoglycemia .
    Guerrero-Flores et al. A non-invasive tool for detecting cervical cancer odor by trained scent dogs. BMC Cancer (2017) 17:79
    Willis Carolyn et al. Olfatory detection of human bladder cancer by dogs: proof of principle study. BMJ (2004);329:712

    6 Medical Conditions That Dogs Can Sniff Out

  2. Xu Beixi

    Fetor hepaticus , symptomatic of portal hypertension.
    Uremic fetor , symptomatic of chronic kidney disease.
    Bad breath, could be caused by not brushing, as well as “disorders in the nose , sinuses , throat , lungs , esophagus , or stomach ”. Diabetic ketoacidosis can give one a fruity/acetone smelling breath, too.

    Body odor, commonly harmless, could be caused by certain types of food, microbes on the skin, gland secretions, getting sprayed by a skunk, etc. Metabolic disorders can cause one to smell odd; people who can’t process an amino acid called phenylalanine smell musty, and those with trimethylaminuria smell fishy.
    And from a rather humourously written paper:
    Infectious diseases were known by their characteristics odors--scrofula as smelling like stale beer; typhoid, like freshly baked brown bread; rubella, like plucked feathers; and diphtheria, as "sweetish." Anosmics might be banned from medical school.

    What does Candida smell like--a "heavy sweetness"? Darier's disease in poor control--"organic"? Pseudomonal infections--"foul and biting"? And are not our patients with noninfected eczematous dermatitis distinct for lacking any peculiar odor, do they not actually smell "dry"?

    Scratch and sniff. The dynamic duo.

  3. Matt Morgan

    There are numerous bad stinks I have come across, but the one that made me almost vomit was a patient with gastrocolic fistula. In this disease, the large intestine somehow gets connected to the stomach, so the fecal material refluxes into stomach and the patient has poo stink breath.

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