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The Diet Trend Reddit Is Obsessed With (and Whether It Will Work For You)

If we know anything about dieting and losing weight it’s that though the method is extremely simple (more calories out than calories in), the execution can be incredibly difficult. So difficult, that on the extreme high end, some studies have shown that 95% of diets fail. This is true in other areas of life, to be sure. What we know we should do for ourselves is simple: exercise every day, complete all the tasks at our jobs, save money instead of spending it, quit smoking or drinking to excess — we know all the right things to do, the knowledge we lack is how to get ourselves to take the right actions. To this end, a community on Reddit has become more and more popular by working through a diet that claims to work not just because it accomplishes the simple goal every diet accomplishes (helping people eat less calories than their body expends, resulting in weight loss) but because it helps people feel satisfied enough with what their eating that they can actually stick to it. It’s called Keto and it’s basically a high fat, low carb diet. What excites most people about this is that it’s a diet you can eat bacon on. Yup. Bacon. Advocates of the diet say that by strictly avo Continue reading >>

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  1. Maletak

    Is the weight loss in keto all just down to calorie deficit? Or does keto lose more weight than if you followed a normal calorie restricted diet?

  2. Volkditty

    All weight loss, regardless of what kind of diet you're on, comes down to calorie deficit. If you eat at a 500 calorie deficit on keto, you will lose weight at the same rate as if you ate a 500 calorie deficit on a 'normal' diet.
    The reason some people prefer keto is that cutting out carbs and upping the fat/protein portions helps reduce cravings and makes it more sustainable and easier to stick with in the long run. There are a handful of health benefits that keto has over SAD, but more rapid weight loss is not one of them.

  3. nynapper

    I especially agree the sustainable nature of the Keto diet. I used to love cheap unhealthy fast food and sweets, and I've found it so easy to stick to Keto while still eating foods that capture the essence of the flavors I love ie. cheeseburger patties, bacon, chocolate mousse (Jello Temptations Chocolate Mouse + Mascarpone + crushed nuts), pizza (pepperoni topped with pepperjack cheese and a drop of pizza sauce). I don't crave for much because many of the foods I like I can remove the carbs which are mostly filler anyway and dominant flavor of the food is still there.

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