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I Can't Stop Looking At This Major Weight Loss Gif

Reddit user dignityblows, whose real name is Amanda, has become a bit of an internet sensation because of this GIF that shows her losing a significant amount of weight over the course of a year that is a real WHOA. Good Morning America featured Amanda on their program Wednesday (forcing her to do that horrible walk and look away from the camera made popular by The Bachelor); in the segment, Amanda talked about sticking to a Keto/Paleo diet, her very basic weight loss tips and how it was her eating habits and not exercise that prompted her drastic weight loss, though she writes on Reddit that she's "a little disappointed" about how they categorized her habits: I was very clear during the interview that Keto is a high fat and moderate protein diet, but the voice over said I followed a "high protein" diet. Sigh. I guess the world isn't quite ready for the glorious bacon-fueled truth. The best part of Amanda's GIFed weight loss is when her glasses just disappear ala every makeover in every movie ever. She's added a glasses pic from today to prove that they didn't go far. [Reddit] Continue reading >>

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  1. tripsteady

    Hi All
    Been on Keto for about a month now. Losing weight, keeping under my calorie restriction and feeling great.
    Went to the doctor yesterday due to a bout of gastroenteritis. She asked me what I eat and I told her Im on Keto, told her my macros and calorie count for the day. Expecting her to be pleased that I was a patient that could answer the question with such accuracy and detail, she instead cut me off halfway through me telling her my macros to say "you need a balanced diet, Keto will eventually damage you".
    I responded with "okay, but I feel fine"
    Her: A high protein diet is going to cause all sorts of issues, give you gallstones etc.
    Me: I immediately think, does she not even know what Keto is? But its not high protein, its high fat, medium protein and low carb
    Her: Yes high fat will give you stomach issues as well. Listen I can only advise you, do what you want, I'm just letting you know that Keto is very bad for ones health , we all need to have a balanced diet.
    Me: Okay.
    Her: So with this gastro you will need plenty of fluids and rest. Mix some glucose in the water to drink.
    Me: I dont think you understand, if I have carbs or sugar now I will feel even sicker as I am not used to it anymore
    Her: shakes head I can only give you advi....
    Me: annoyed by now, how does she not understand that irrespective whether she is right or wrong about Keto, reintroducing something I have specifically not had for over 50 days(sugar) will cause even further issues on an upset stomach. Okay, thank you.
    On one hand she seemed so set on her thinking about Keto and it annoyed me that she would not even listen to my side of things. As in she would not even let me finish my sentence.
    On the other hand, I feel kind of arrogant arguing with someone about something they spent close to 8 years studying, while i picked up all my info from the net. It's started me wondering if Keto is all good if doctors are SO against it...

  2. incessant_penguin

    Get yourself a new doctor.

  3. Kulban

    Yes, This. The first question I asked my brand new doctor under my new plan was "How do you feel about ketogenic diets?" She was not against them at all.

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