Do You Burn More Fat In Ketosis

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Escaping The Fat Trap

Once you’ve been heavy for some time, your high insulin levels can make it hard to succeed in losing weight. Trying diet after diet and failing on each and every one is depressing. But when you discover the perfectly natural bodily process called lipolysis, hope can replace despair. To a person longing to lose weight, Nirvana is the definition of lipolysis: the process of dissolving fat. When you burn fat, it breaks down into glycerol and other fatty acids. How does the process actually work? Are there any drawbacks? There are plenty of laypersons and even physicians who think there must be. Burning off one’s fat sounds like a faddish trick. These folks give a skeptical shrug and say, "I’m sure people lose some weight with the Atkins approach, but don’t they gain it right back again?" The interesting thing is that if you adhere to the four phases the Atkins approach—which includes finding your Atkins Carbohydrate Equilibrium (ACE), meaning the amount of carbohydrates you can still consume and neither gain nor lose weight—you won’t regain the weight. The phase known as Lifetime Maintenance, though more indulgent, evolves naturally from the three weight-loss phases, the Continue reading >>

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  1. donniem1974

    Does keto make you lose fat faster?

    I have a friend that does cutting and bulking phases, and he told me that it's really hard to lose fat on diets that have more than 5-10% carbs and if you want to lose fat, you will do it much faster in ketosis. Is is this true?

  2. ananf72

    Originally Posted by donniem1974
    I have a friend that does cutting and bulking phases, and he told me that it's really hard to lose fat on diets that have more than 5-10% carbs and if you want to lose fat, you will do it much faster in ketosis. Is is this true?

    Do I dare try to answer this? It might be true depending on how you respond, follow the diet, train and handle carbs. Overall caloric intake (cal in vs cal out) will have some play. But, if your asking if dropping below 5-10% carbs and merely getting yourself into 'keto' will make you cut, then no. Do your research and read up before trying is my best advice.

  3. JoeGinger91

    Keto will cause your body to primarily burn fat for fuel. I guess this makes it easier to lose fat, but not sure whether it guarantees losing fat faster. Several variables like fat %, calorie deficit and genetics come into it.

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