Do Sugar Alcohols Interfere With Ketosis?

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Complete Guide To Sweeteners On A Low-carb Ketogenic Diet

Most people on low-carb find that once they get used to the diet, the cravings for sugar go away. Many even claim not to use any sweeteners at all. However, you may find it hard to give up sweets, especially at the beginning. I've been researching for natural low-carb sweeteners as well as other healthy alternatives to sugar. As always, there are many sweeteners you should avoid. I personally avoid using sweeteners regularly and only use them for occasional treats. In fact, most of my recipes in KetoDiet, KetoDiet Basic and my new cookbook don't include any sweeteners at all. If your target is weight loss, sweeteners may impair your progress, as even so-called "zero-carb" sweeteners may cause cravings. If your weight is stalling, avoiding sweeteners or joining my 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge is a good way to break the weight loss plateau. You can download a print-friendly version of this guide here! Best Natural Low-carb Sweeteners Following is an overview of healthy sweeteners you could use provided your net carbs limit allows for it. People with very low net carbs limit should avoid using anything other than "zero-carb" sweeteners, like Stevia, Monk fruit sweetener or Erythritol Continue reading >>

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  1. serrelind

    > Does sugar alcohol kick you out of ketosis?

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  2. Dustin

    It doesn't effect my ketosis.

  3. Paradox

    i think (and others may correct me if i'm wrong) that sugar alcohol is like regular alcohol in that even though it doesn't prevent weight loss, it slows it, because while it is available in your body, your body will burn it for fuel instead of your fat stores. but don't take that as gospel (its not as if i'm Nat or something! *wink*)

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