Do Raspberry Ketones Really Help You Lose Weight?

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Raspberry Ketones And Weight Loss Review Of Research (updated 2017)

What are raspberry ketones and do they work? Well, if you watch the Dr. Oz Show, you may have heard Dr. Oz call raspberry ketones “The #1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat.” Since he made that bold statement, I've heard that raspberry ketone supplements are sold so fast that vitamin stores can't keep them on the shelves! So, what I'd like to do is by review the raspberry ketone research — minus the hype that you have already heard about. Only in this way can you make an informed decision about whether raspberry ketone are right for you. Other names for this supplement include red raspberry ketone, and European red raspberry, as well as the more scientific names Rubus idaeus, Rubus strigosus and Framboise Rouge. I'm telling you these other names because if you just searched for “raspberry ketone” you may not find all of the information available. For this review, I'm pretty much going to stick to just calling it raspberry ketone. What Are Raspberry Ketones? Red raspberry ketones are one of many compounds in raspberries and are what gives raspberries their unique smell. Like all things that come from fruits and vegetables, raspberries contain a lot of substances that are Continue reading >>

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  1. Cassie

    I’ve had a cheat day yesterday. This isn’t common. No so much with food but with alcohol as my partner and I went out and saw live music and had a dinner out for the first time in a while. So What’s the best thing to do after a cheat day to get back into ketosis as soon as possible.

  2. nalien2000

    Others with more experience and knowledge can probably give a more in-depth answer, but a few things that should help are intermittent fasting and/or extended fasting; moderate to heavy aerobic or resistance exercise; mct oil consumption; maybe even exogenous ketones though I have never tried those.

  3. afblangley

    If you want to do an intervention, do a water only fast for a day or two.

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