Do I Have Type 1 Diabetes Quiz

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Diabetes Symptoms Quiz

Taking a diabetes symptoms quiz can give you a quick indication of whether you are suffering from possible pre-diabetes or full-blown diabetes. However, the only guaranteed method for determining the presence of abnormally high glucose levels is to have blood and urine tested for diabetes as part of a full physical examination by a physician. Risk Factors Before taking a diabetes symptoms quiz, you should be aware that certain risk factors make it more likely that you may be predisposed to development of diabetes: Family history of diabetes Asian-American, African-American, Hispanic or Native American ethnicity Age greater than 45 History of gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) Overweight or obese condition Sedentary lifestyle Hypertension Heavy alcohol consumption Smoking In women, polycystic ovary syndrome In men, hypogonadism Some of these risk factors are modifiable while others, such as ethnicity and heredity, cannot be changed. For individuals with permanent risk factors, keeping vigilant regarding weight management, maintaining regular exercise and avoiding smoking and drinking will considerably lower the probability that a diabetic condition will arise in the fu Continue reading >>

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  1. sid_james

    Okay, so I have an MRI with a contrast dye next week. Both my GP and Diabetes nurse advised to stop the Metformin at least 24 hrs before, and use Sitagliptin as a substitute if my sugars were a bit high.
    However, checked with the radiologist today who said (paraphrased), "it's okay to continue with Metformin with the MRI contrast, but not with a CT, so you'll be fine."
    Clearly I will take the ultimate advice from the consultant who referred me, but just though I'd ask if anyone has had an MRI with contrast recently?

  2. Morganator

    I have had both in the past year with the CT contrast it can have an effect on kidney function which is why you stop metformin and do not restart until your kidney function is tested. When I had the MRI I didn't have to stop metformin as it is a different contrast used.
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