Do I Have Diabetes Quiz

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Do I Have Diabetes Quiz

Please answer the following multiple choice questions and then click "Submit Quiz" for a self diagnosis: have you had any excessive or frequent urination? yes | no | donno do you have excessive thirst? yes | no | donno do you have frequent urination at night? yes | no | donno have you had any excessive, abnormal, or frequent feelings of fatigue? yes | no | donno are your symptoms chronic (something you've had for months to years, may flare up or become worse now and then)? yes | no | donno have you had any numbness and tingling (pins and needles)? yes | no | donno have you experienced any changes or abnormalities to your vision? yes | no | donno do you have a skin ulcer (an open skin wound)? yes | no | donno have you had any significant, unintentional weight loss? yes | no | donno have you had any abnormal weakness in any part of the body? yes | no | donno do you have abnormally dark or brown skin in the armpits, groin, or other areas where the skin folds? yes | no | donno have you had any lesions or abnormalities with the skin anywhere on your body? yes | no | donno do you have dark dots, areas or patches on your skin (anything more black or brown than your normal skin color, can Continue reading >>

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  1. JohnTheMan

    Type 1 - Need to gain weight

    I need to put on some weight. I am 180 cm tall and weight is 61 kg. It seems declining after I stopped eating severe low carb. I now eat 80-100g carbs a day. Male, 31 years old. I just dont get it, how can you get 2000 or even 2500 calories in? I eat typically two slices of bread for breakfast, 2 slices of bread for lunch, a mid size normal dinner and one slice of bread for supper. What do you eat during a day to maintain a healthy weight?

  2. Nan OH

    How are you doing with your fat intake? Real butter, cream, cheese, meat, poultry, or fish proteins?
    There are also several brands of ready made or powdered whey protein mixes that you can add to water or whole milk to supplement the calories. You say you now eat 80-100 grams of carbs a day, it might not be enough or the right kind of carb. I kind of look at it as if I am going to eat XX grams of carbs, what will give me the biggest nutrient value for those carbs.
    Look at CalorieKing.com and see how the different foods stack up for calories, fat, and carbohydrates. It might be as simple as increasing a portion size on one or two foods.

  3. MarkM

    Originally Posted by JohnTheMan
    ... I eat typically two slices of bread for breakfast, 2 slices of bread for lunch, a mid size normal dinner and one slice of bread for supper. What do you eat during a day to maintain a healthy weight? Not many calories in that. Eat eggs (with yolks), cheese, yogurt (full fat), nuts, avocados etc too. You will double or even triple the number of calories. And you will put on weight. Remember, fat contains 9 calories per gram Carbohydrate and protein only contain 4 calories per gram. At 7 calories per gram, alcohol helps too.

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