Dka Vs Hhs Ppt

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Preventing Complications Of Dm Ppt.

-give 20-30g CHO or Glucagon 1mg (retest in 15 min) -Give Iglucagon SQ (repeat in 10 min if pt is still unresponsive) --at hospital give 25-50% dextrose IV bolus --slower adrenergic response to falling glucose (shaky, nervous, tachycardia) Acute complications of Poor Glycemic control -Hyperglycemic crisis associated with fluid and electrolyte loss -manifestation of insulin deficiency (severe) Characteristics: Hyperglycemia, ketoacids, hemoconcentration, acidosis, coma -Kussmal respiration (rapid and deep) --trying to expel CO2 to increase the pH 3. Proliferative (overgrowth of abnormal blood vessels on the retina --very thin and prone to aneurysm) regular ophthalmologic exams (with dilated pupils) report any floaters, flashing lights, or changes in vision --decreased blood flow to Bowman's capsule avoid nephrotoxic drugs and dye (hydrate after tests with contrast medium) check serum creatinine, albumin, and creatinine clearance (already have decreased blood supply and wound healing) -Decreased/altered Sensation (bilateral, symmetrical, lower extremities) Preventing Injury with decreased sensation -wear leather, canvas shoes (dry between wearing) -do not cross legs, wear restrictiv Continue reading >>

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  1. nobodysfool

    I'm nearly 32 weeks and i have lots of complications-high risk beacuse of a previous emercency c section with ds1,low lying placenta,and now gestational diabetes.
    Saw the MW today and she found ketones in my urine sample.
    She asked if i was eating properly-i am albeit on a very strict diabetic diet-then she didnt mention it anymore.
    I have come home and started worrying.
    I'm not sure if the diabetes lack of food has caused the ketones or is it something else.
    Any ideas will be great.
    Many thanks

  2. nailpolish

    ketones arise in urine when you ahvent eaten ina while
    they are a result of the body breaking down fatty acids for energy

  3. SpringySunshine

    Going from A Level biology (I'm really not an expert!):
    Ketones come from breaking down fatty acids. Diabetics have their urine monitored for ketones as it can indicate that the diabetes is being poorly managed & the body is beginning to struggle.
    If I were you, until a medical professional says anything differently, I'd just make sure that I wasn't going hungry & that I stuck to the diabetic diet to the letter. If you're feeling okay within yourself (no nausea or tummy pain) & your midwife hasn't said anything specific, I wouldn't worry too much.
    Is she sending the urine off to microbiology to be checked or anything like that?

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