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Infection As A Trigger Of Diabetic Ketoacidosis In Intensive Care—unit Patients

Together with hyperglycemic coma, diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is the most severe acute metabolic complication of diabetes mellitus [ 1 ]. Defined by the triad hyperglycemia, acidosis, and ketonuria, DKA can be inaugural or complicate known diabetes [ 2 ]. Although DKA is evidence of poor metabolic control and usually indicates an absolute or relative imbalance between the patient's requirements and the treatment, DKA-related mortality is low among patients who receive standardized treatment, which includes administration of insulin, correction of hydroelectrolytic disorders, and management of the triggering factor (which is often cessation of insulin therapy, an infection, or a myocardial infarction) [ 3–8 ]. Although there is no proof that diabetics are more susceptible to infection, they seem to have more difficulty handling infection once it occurs [ 9 , 10 ]. Indeed, several aspects of immunity are altered in diabetic patients: polymorphonuclear leukocyte function is depressed, particularly when acidosis is present, and leukocyte adherence, chemotaxis, phagocytosis, and bactericidal activity may also be impaired [ 11–15 ]. Joshi et al. [ 10 ] reported recently on the lack o Continue reading >>

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  1. JEarle99

    I work out regulary and I've had symptoms of low potassium and its gonna be quite hard to get adequate potassium, seeing as avocados are now out of session. Also apparently the RDI is 5000mg and this equates to about 10 cups of kale. I just can't do that. I'm just wondering though if it will be safe to take Potassium Citrate. Dr. Eric Berg sells an eletrolyte powder with 1000mg of Potassium Citrate per serving and he recommends taken about 4 servings a day to get all the potassium. He said this form of potassium is very safe in the body

    But I've been reading online and a lot of sites say high potassium levels can be dangerous

  2. Kirkor

    Potassium citrate is a big ingredient in DIY soylent. My recipe calls for 7000mg, and top recipes have anywhere from 4000-14,000mg:

  3. JEarle99

    Can it be dangerous though?

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