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Nclex Practice Questions Diabetes

An older adult patient is in the hospital being treated for sepsis related to a urinary tract infection. The patient has started to have an altered sense of awareness, profound dehydration, and hypotension. What does the nurse suspect the patient is experiencing? a. systemic inflammatory response syndrome The nurse is preparing to administer IV fluids for a patient with ketoacidosis who has a history of hypertension and congestive heart failure. What order for fluids would the nurse anticipate infusing for this patient? A patient has been newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and the nurse is assisting with the development of a meal plan. What step should be taken into consideration prior to making the meal plan? a. making sure that the patient is aware that quantity of food s will be limited b. ensuring that the patient understands that some favorite foods may not be allowed on the meal plan and substitutes will need to be found c. determining whether the patient is on insulin or taking oral anti diabetic medication d. reviewing the patient's diet history to identify eating habits and lifestyle and cultural eating patterns. d. reviewing the patient's diet history to identify eati Continue reading >>

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  1. Janknitz

    I really, really wanted to measure blood ketones and finally bit the bullet to buy strips for my Precision meter, but they never showed up and it took nearly a month for me to get my money back (Thanks to PayPal!).
    It just seems like SO much money for 50 strips that I know I'll run through far too fast because I will want to measure all the time. "Hmm, if I try THIS, what will my blood ketones do?" "What will my blood ketones measure if I do THAT?". Boom, out of strips, another $100 to spend.
    So for $100 I got a ketone breath meter. It can be used as often as I like, a one time only payment.
    I don't know how accurate it is and how accurately it tracks blood ketones. Some blogs suggest it's pretty spot on, others say it's in the ball park but not precise. The website itself suggests using the meter during the week and checking blood ketones on weekends for comparison. The best of both worlds would have been to get some strips, too, so I could compare my readings on each. But buying the meter is the limit of my budget for the time being.
    I'm sure it will take a while to get here, but I'll keep you posted. And I'm interested in hearing from anyone else who has gotten one.

  2. Ntombi

    Interesting! I look forward to hearing about your results.
    I really hope more people who use blood ketone strips will do side-by-side comparisons; the few I've seen so far have been all over the map, and not convincing enough for me to buy the Ketonix.

  3. Janknitz

    What does seem to be consistent is higher bood ketones do correlate with a higher reading on the meter, so I guess it will be something to aim for.
    I'm pretty low carb 20-30 g/day but I've never had symptoms to tell me if I'm in ketosis.

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