Dka Potassium Replacement

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Episode 63 – Pediatric Dka

Pediatric DKA was identified as one of key diagnoses that we need to get better at managing in a massive national needs assessment conducted by the fine folks at TREKK – Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids – one of EM Cases’ partners who’s mission is to improve the care of children in non-pediatric emergency departments across the country. You might be wondering – why was DKA singled out in this needs assessment? It turns out that kids who present to the ED in DKA without a known history of diabetes, can sometimes be tricky to diagnose, as they often present with vague symptoms. When a child does have a known history of diabetes, and the diagnosis of DKA is obvious, the challenge turns to managing severe, life-threatening DKA, so that we avoid the many potential complications of the DKA itself as well as the complications of treatment – cerebral edema being the big bad one. The approach to these patients has evolved over the years, even since I started practicing, from bolusing insulin and super aggressive fluid resuscitation to more gentle fluid management and delayed insulin drips, as examples. There are subtleties and controversies in the management of DKA when Continue reading >>

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  1. skyraft

    The more i read about keto the more it confuses me to how the hell people lose weight without it? I was never too big but I lost the 30 lbs i wanted to in about 30 days when I started keto. It was almost too easy compared to diets / workout habits I tried before. Pork belly and eggs or Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast and fatty ground beef and greens for dinner, no working out,
    I mean losing weight the normal way seems doomed to fail. S.A.D. (is a joke), caloric restriction (hormone balance is a huge factor), metabolism (slows with exercise and other factors), Krebs Cycle, Glycogen storage (inhibits utilizing our fat storage).

    I know that people do lose weigh without keto but does anyone have some easy science on it?

  2. tdseest

    You can lose weight by oxidizing or burning fat which can occur if you essentially starve yourself.
    You can also have it surgically removed.

    There are probably other ways.

  3. Pilotbob

    I would expect not everyone overweight is insulin resistant.

    But, if there is a calorie deficit you will lose weight. Been there done that gained it all back.

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