Diabetic Ketoacidosis Icd 9

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1.) A chronic disorder of impaired carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism? 5th digit = whether diabetes is out of control 2.) "diabetes" noted in chart without further specification defaults to__________? 1.) False. "uncontrolled diabetes mellitus" or "diabetes mellitus out of control" must be specifically stated in the medical record in order to code for uncontrolled diabetes. 2.) False. In the absence of further specificity, this should be coded as 790.2 (abnormal glucose) 1.) True/False? "poorly controlled" or "poor control" in chart indicates uncontrolled diabetes. 2.) True/False "borderline diabetes" without further specification should be coded as diabetes mellitus. Described as ketosis-prone or juvenile diabetes & characterized by the body's failure to produce insulin at all or an absolute decrease in insulin production. Requires regular insulin injections. Described as ketosis resistant or "adult-onset" diabetes & characterized by the body's inability to adequately utilize insulin. Patients may or may not require insulin. For patients with type (a.)________ ? diabetes mellitus who routinely use insulin, V58.67 (Long term [current] use of insulin) is required unless insul Continue reading >>

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  1. tiger_lily5

    Hey ladies, this question is for you. Have any of you noticed a change in your cycle since being on keto? ie heavier or lighter periods, early or late on timing? Just curious if its affected you at all and if it was just a change in the beginning or it kept fluctuating.

  2. strawmama

    My cycle cam early...like 2.5 weeks early my first month, but it has since leveled out to once a month. I have less cramping and stomach problems...big bonus.

  3. LilMamaBear125

    I'm still like a clock on a timer here...

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