D Lactate Acidosis Treatment

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Lactic Acidosis – Fatigued, Confused, Grumpy? This Might Be Why.

Many people with gut issues suffer from cogitative issues and body-wide symptoms, along with the gastrointestinal hell they’re going through. One of the reasons is often high levels of D-lactic acid. A few definitions acidosis – an abnormal decrease in pH levels. If systemic this is usually only a tenth of a pH level, or so, high. lactic acid (lactate) – an organic compound formed from fermentation, as well as by humans during normal metabolism and exercise. There are two main types discussed here D-lactic acid and L-lactic acid (two mirror-image isomers), DL-lactic acid is a mixture of the two in equal amounts. See Wikipedia for more information on D&L chirality prefixes. L-lactic acid – the type produced in the human body and the primary type found in the human diet. This form is easy for the body and rarely accumulates at a rate higher than the bodies ability to remove it. Short term acidosis is possible from l-lactic acid with extended strenuous exercise, but is usually cleared within a few hours. Acidosis can also occur with organ failure and other illness. D-lactic acid – this type is mostly foreign to the body and difficult to remove. It can easily build up, when i Continue reading >>

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  1. DieteticResident

    Hey guys, was curious if anyone is doing intermittent fasting along with keto? If so curious to hear what type of regimen?
    Edit: thanks for responses, glad to see you guys are using this tool. As a LCHF dietitian, intermittent fasting has been one my latest interests of study.
    I especially loved someone's response about doing 20/4 during the weekends! For those who like to play around and have fun this is an awesome tool.

  2. WWLadyDeadpool

    I was doing 20/4, now I'm just eating once a day with no more snacking, so it's roughly 23/1. It's definitely upped my losses, and it's easier for my husband to understand.

  3. Chief2091

    What's your macros though?

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