Compensated Vs Uncompensated Respiratory Acidosis

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Compensated Respiratory Acidosis

Definition In a compensated respiratory acidosis, although the PCO2 is high, the pH is within normal range. The kidneys compensate for a respiratory acidosis by tubular cells reabsorbing more HCO3 from the tubular fluid, collecting duct cells secreting more H+ and generating more HCO3, and ammoniagenesis leading to increased formation of the NH3 buffer. Compensated respiratory acidosis is typically the result of a chronic condition, the slow nature of onset giving the kidneys time to compensate. Common causes of respiratory acidosis include hypoventilation due to: Respiratory depression (sedatives, narcotics, CVA, etc.) Respiratory muscle paralysis (spinal cord injury, Guillan-Barre, residual paralytics). Chest wall disorders (flail chest, pneumothorax) Lung parenchyma disorders (ARDS, pneumonia, COPD, CHF, aspiration) Abdominal distension (laporoscopic surgery, ascites, obesity, etc.). Subspecialty Keyword history Similar Keyword: Respiratory acidosis: Compensation Sources Miller’s Anesthesia, 7th ed. Ch. 49. PubMed Continue reading >>

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  1. alih92

    I've done keto before, but this time I did it with EC stack.
    I started this monday at 194-196. Today I'm at 185.2-185.6.
    Is this too quick?
    Also before I forget, two weeks ago I did keto for 4 days and I got from 195 to 189, but I gave in and cracked and ate carbs, this time I have my motivations and goals set and I allow my self a cheat meal every now and then and have realized weight loss and control is an ongoing struggle, one meal wont kill me I just need to get back up and continue on, I can't lose all hope and just give up. It's this negative self limiting factor that would **** my diets up all the time.
    But as of today, this week I've gone from 195 to 185, is this mostly water weight, or is it fat? My parents have said my chest looks alot tighter and my face is a bit skinnier

  2. trippn

    Mostly water bro. Caffeine is a diuretic. Make sure u are drinking over a gallon of water minimum per day.

  3. crazyfool405

    to be honest initial weight loss depends on CALORIC INTAKE, and carbs.
    if carbs are at 300g, your going to drop about 2.5 lbs in water. 5 at most. this is why i urge every one to eat keto at maintence calories so they can see how much they actually lose from dropping carbs, and fat will determin your rate of weight loss after.

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