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Dr. Ian Billinghurst’s Targeted Nutritional Therapy, Which Includes A Ketogenic Diet, Can Kill Your Dog’s Cancer

Download Interview Transcript World-renowned veterinarian, author and the father of raw pet food, Dr. Ian Billinghurst, has written a new book about treating cancer with nutrition Dr. B’s book, “Pointing the Bone at Cancer,” lays out the science behind the use of a ketogenic diet in treating cancer in dogs, cats and humans Dr. B has successfully treated dogs with many different cancers, including aggressive lymphomas and mammary tumors, and seen them live years longer, with an excellent quality of life By Dr. Becker I'm very excited today to be interviewing the father of raw pet food, Dr. Ian Billinghurst, or Dr. B, as he is often called. Dr. Billinghurst is a very well-known veterinarian and author who wrote the first books on raw feeding. For that, we are forever indebted to him. Today Dr. B is here to discuss his latest book, "Pointing the Bone at Cancer." I asked him to talk about what inspired him to write a book about cancer in dogs, cats and humans. 'Cancer Is a Problem That Has a Lot to Do With Nutrition' "This was a book I most definitely had to write," says Dr. B. "I had no choice. We, as veterinarians and as medical doctors, are losing this war against cancer. This Continue reading >>

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  1. CrazyCaper

    We have recently transitioned our cats to a keto diet and our vet is thrilled with the changes in their heath so I wanted to share what we settled on for feeding them.
    And we usually buy the Cats in the Kitchen line.
    If you have cats that are keto please share what you are feeding them, recipes or products.

    We have a few finicky eaters and are looking for options to try, especially as they seem to stop loving the foods that they love about every 5-6 weeks. Thanks!

  2. xandtrek

    I haven't seen that brand around -- I always try one can to see if they'll eat it. I have 4 rescues and have been trying to turn them into Keto Kats for awhile now. They are on grain-free food, but can be quite picky, as you know. We tried raw food, but they'll have none of that.

  3. becsta

    I buy the Weruva for my cat, but am trying to get him away from tinned. He eats a lot of what I eat, most times he eats more from my plate than I do.
    I give him raw chicken giblets that he loves and raw diced chicken as well. He is nearly 12 years old and the last few years has been sick he has some kidney problems, nearly 2 years ago when I went away on holidays and my parents were looking after him they booked him in to be put down, but he is still going, I don't know how many of his 9 lives he used then.
    Dessie enjoying some of the roast duck I cooked the other day.
    And this is what I did to my thumb when cutting up his giblets.

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