Can You Put On Weight In Ketosis?

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How To Lose Weight On A Keto Diet In 5 Easy Steps (+ 4 Real-life Examples)

CLEARLY the “eat less”, “eat low fat”, and “just eat everything in moderation” diets haven’t worked too well for most people. So, if you’re still trying to lose weight and keep it off, then maybe it’s time to try something that’s working for tens of thousands of people right now… The Ketogenic Diet. But is it all too good to be true? Yes, we believe Keto is fantastic for weight loss. We’ve just seen it work for way too many people (check out the success stories below). But it’s also not for everyone. So, in this post, we are giving you the real facts behind all the hype as well as real-life stories of people who have lost a lot of weight on Keto. PLUS, how to get started on Keto to lose weight in 5 EASY Steps. What is the Ketogenic Diet? THE HISTORY: Originally the Ketogenic diet was created as an effective treatment for epileptic children. BUT NOW: More and more people are finding that a Ketogenic diet has tons of benefits, including: a healthy way to lose weight, control blood sugar levels, improve your brain function, and potentially even reverse a myriad of health conditions. How does keto do this? The Keto diet puts your body into a powerful fat-burni Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. tina

    can you gain weight if you are in ketosis?

  2. Linda

    Tina, if you've gained weight it's unlikely you've gained bodyfat. The scale doesn't just measure fat but also bone, muscle, water weight etc and also fluctuates due to hormones, food & drinks consumed and many other factors. If you're in ketosis and eating TOO much fat then you could be burning primarily dietary fat but this isn't necessarily the case and doesn't mean you'll have to cut back on fat. Post what you're eating, how much have you gained and in what period? Remember the scale can fluctuate a few lbs even during the course of one day!

  3. Ellen

    You can gain weight in ketosis if you eat too many calories. Ketosis just means that you're burning fat for fuel. If you have more calories than you burn you will gain weight.

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