Can You Get Brain Damage From Ketoacidosis?

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Getting To Know Ketones

People with diabetes, particularly those with Type 1 diabetes, have been at least vaguely aware of the word ketones for a long time. With the recent resurgence of popular interest in low-carbohydrate diets, however, just about everyone seems to be talking about ketones these days. But does anyone really know what ketones are? Are they a danger to your health (as in diabetic ketoacidosis), or a sign that you have lowered your carbohydrate intake enough to cause weight loss (as some people who follow low-carbohydrate diets believe)? What are ketones? Ketones are end-products of fat metabolism in the body. That is, they are formed when fat is burned for energy by the muscles. Chemically, they are acids known as ketone bodies, and there are three types: beta-hydroxybutyric acid, aceto-acetic acid, and acetone. But you don’t have to be a chemist to understand what role they play in the body. To get to know ketones, it’s helpful to understand how your body burns fuel. A simple analogy is that of an automobile. For a car engine to run, the engine must burn fuel (gasoline), and when the fuel is burned, exhaust (carbon monoxide) is created. The carbon monoxide is the end-product of gaso Continue reading >>

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  1. Paulie-M

    My hubby went to a branch of Boots in the centre of Newcastle today to buy some ketosis sticks. The sales girl asked him why he wanted them and if he was diabetic. When he said that he wasn't but was doing the Atkins diet, she said that the store manager didn't agree with the Atkins plan and had told the staff not to sell the sticks to anyone doing it! (What happens if you are diabetic sand LC'ing I don't know).
    Undeterred, he went to another branch of Boots and bought the sticks without a problem. If we need any more, we'll know which branch to go to in future.

  2. LittleAnne

    Interesting Pauline, double standards.
    There have been quite a few posts here about Boots not selling ketostix to people unless they are diabetic!

  3. kellyuk

    My local Boots were quite happy to sell them to non-diabetics but had sold out, I popped along to the nearby independent chemist and got a pack of 50 for £4.70.

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