Can You Get Brain Damage From Ketoacidosis?

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Getting To Know Ketones

People with diabetes, particularly those with Type 1 diabetes, have been at least vaguely aware of the word ketones for a long time. With the recent resurgence of popular interest in low-carbohydrate diets, however, just about everyone seems to be talking about ketones these days. But does anyone really know what ketones are? Are they a danger to your health (as in diabetic ketoacidosis), or a sign that you have lowered your carbohydrate intake enough to cause weight loss (as some people who follow low-carbohydrate diets believe)? What are ketones? Ketones are end-products of fat metabolism in the body. That is, they are formed when fat is burned for energy by the muscles. Chemically, they are acids known as ketone bodies, and there are three types: beta-hydroxybutyric acid, aceto-acetic acid, and acetone. But you don’t have to be a chemist to understand what role they play in the body. To get to know ketones, it’s helpful to understand how your body burns fuel. A simple analogy is that of an automobile. For a car engine to run, the engine must burn fuel (gasoline), and when the fuel is burned, exhaust (carbon monoxide) is created. The carbon monoxide is the end-product of gaso Continue reading >>

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  1. gingerspicr

    Saturday something switched in me and I decided I needed to do something about my being overweight, my general health and my bank balance. I bought a good vaping mod and went in search of a diet that would suit my lifestyle; I found Keto.
    I haven't had a cigarette or any carbs since Saturday. It's only week one but I can honestly say I don't feel any temptation to smoke or eat carbs. I've exercised every evening - and looked forward to it - and today for the first time ever I hit my alarm and got out of bed without snoozing it 15 times. I feel great!
    Previously when I have quit smoking I've gained weight. While I understand that this will have been partly down to snacking to help my nicotine cravings I am curious if anyone here has had limited success when quitting smoking on Keto in terms of weight loss. That's my primary aim and I'd hate to be doing all this without the benefit of seeing the lbs shift. Has anyone got any stories or info they can share?

  2. Armstrong151

    Your Ecig is your best tool for now. I quit smoking a few years ago but I'm still using my ecig I used to have annual chest infections prior to quitting smoking.
    If you have nicotine cravings you might want to amp up your eliquids nicotine strength (If it has any) It's tough to do both at the same time. But if your consciously trying to lose weight you should be okay most people who quit smoking gain weight because they over indulge in food. I found that my ecig suppressed hunger the same way as a cigarette would and it diddnt make me smell like an exhaust in public keep going as you are :D

  3. pubies

    I quit smoking a couple months ago, and started keto about 3 weeks ago. I have been sleeping like shit, trouble falling asleep and then restless sleep all night. It sounds like this isn't uncommon and should fade in time, but for now smoking a little weed before bed helps a lot.
    Regarding smoking, sugarless gum is now my go to. I've done the vapes, and it's never the same as a cigarette so this time I decided to ditch nicotine altogether. It's tougher at first, but I think it's easier in the long run.

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