Can You Feel When You Are In Ketosis?

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The 4 Ketosis Symptoms You Should Be Looking For

Ketosis is the condition in which your body begins burning fat instead of carbs for its energy source. The benefits of ketosis range widely, but some of the best include: fat loss increased endurance less cravings shredded physique neurological optimization But how do you know when you’re in ketosis? Are there symptoms that you’re in ketosis? Is there a way to “feel” like you’re in ketosis? Obviously the best way to see if you’re in ketosis is to test you breath, blood, or urine. However, we’ve constructed the following list to help you detect the signs that you’ve transitioned into ketosis and turned your body into a fat burning machine! If you’ve been on the Ketogenic Diet for at least a week, run through this list of ketosis symptoms, and see if they fit what you’re experiencing! 1. Ketosis Breath A popular report from many low-carb and keto dieters is that their breath is less than desirable. The smell has been compared to fingernail polish remover, which is believed to come from the presence of acetone. Acetone is, of course, a ketone body, and is also found in many brands of nail-polish remover. 2. Keto Flu After a life full of ingesting large portions of Continue reading >>

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  1. 2ndChance

    It's hard for me to describe the way I feel... I can feel the fat draining from my face, I become really aware of my thyroid's existence, I sort of feel like my body is attempting to figure out what bare minimum things it needs to survive, and then it starts burning everything else for fuel. This seems like a very good thing in the prevention of disease to me--when I think of cancer cells, I think of things that shouldn't exist. Cells in our bodies that shouldn't be there. Hopefully with a ketogenic diet, malicious extra cells will be the first to be burned? I can definitely tell that the primal way of life is better for me than any other eating/lifestyle plan I have ever followed. I haven't eaten since breakfast, and yeah, food sounds nice right now, but at the same time I'm mentally stable. I feel very aware of the realities being ignored by those around me, who eat SAD foods unquestioningly and never have the thought, "I am my body." Each time I fast I believe I become a more efficient beast, reduced to my essential self, my "essence," and free of unnecessary things. It's very meditative for me.
    What does it feel like to you?

  2. Paleobird

    To me it feels exceptionally awake and aware. I can feel my heart beating and hear my breath. I feel like I could chase down a woolly mammoth for dinner or run like hell to avoid being dinner for a saber toothed tiger.
    Keto-land has been my permanent home for a while now so this feeling has become the new normal. I wouldn't want to go back to life without it. This is why I wonder at all the people saying how the cookies at the office are such a "temptation", etc. I am not in the least tempted. Why would I want to leave this awesome place even temporarily? For a cookie? Why?
    Also being in ketosis for me means perfect seizure control on 25% less medication than before and I plan to cut that back further gradually. The medication I'm cutting back is a barbiturate so getting some of that out of my system is an added bonus.
    And I hope what you said about cancer cells is true as well. Five and a half years cancer free and planning to stay that way.

  3. Derpamix

    While I was in ketosis I felt like I was going to die. I was in more pain in ketosis than I was when I was stabbed in the stomach. Not even exaggerating.

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