Can You Burn Fat Without Being In Ketosis?

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Ketosis: Do I Need It To Burn The Fat I Eat?

Hello there, I'm new to Paleo - I started a sort of 30 day challenge (which I do hope to maintain past the 30 days). I've read the must-read books and blogs and I've almost become obsessed with it, talking about it to all my friends. The much I read, however, the more question I have on a more technical level. Ketosis is one of the aspects. I've read Mark Sisson's post on how many carbs we should eat (I'm not strictly counting, though) and apparently I still have some carbs from fruits and veggies. But from what I've understand, ketosis only kicks in when carbs are really low. 1 Worst Carb After Age 50 If you're over 50 and you eat this carb, you will never lose belly fat. HealthPlus50 So, my simple question would be: if I'm still having some carbs from veggies and fruit, can they be enough for me not to got into ketosis? And if I don't, how will my body use the extra fat I've been eating? Won't that be stored, making me fatter? Or can the body still use the fat I eat as energy without going into ketosis? Sorry if this is such a newbie question - I did searched around everywhere but couldn't find a specific answer. Thanks a lot! Continue reading >>

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  1. Cakewalk25

    Also, does anyone have an idea what your fat/protein ratio should be when you're doing a low-carb but not ketogenic diet?
    I don't think I'm disciplined enough to do the ketogenic diet, as I love my fruit. Right now I've cut out all carbs except for fruits, vegetables and Greek yogurt, which comes to about 75-80 g a day. Is that low-carb enough that I'll benefit from a low-carb diet, or do you have to be in ketosis to benefit?
    I adjusted my ratios to be 25/25/50 (fat/protein/carbs) which is 75 g carbs/75 g protein/67 g fat. That seems like a LOT of fat (on my old eating habits I probably ate like 20 g a day tops), and I'm afraid if I suddenly up the fat ratio without going into ketosis I'll gain a bunch of weight.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. erickirb

    If you are still in a deficit you will not gain fat.
    You may gain water weight as the carbs will replenish some of your glycogen stores, and glycogen retains water

  3. gabbygirl78

    Should work it just may be a little slower. When your in Ketosis they weight falls off fast. South beach is basically a low carb diet just not as drastic and it doesn't put you in ketosis and you still loose weight. For me though , if I am on the low carb I want my keytone strips to show up purple lol.. I know it is working then. It's probably more healthy the way you are doing it though!!! Good luck and let me know how it is working because I love friut and greek yogurt more than I do bread and pasta.!

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