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Best Dog Foods: Our Complete Guide For 2017

When it comes to your four-legged friend, you obviously want to ensure he has the best nutrition possible. But, choosing the perfect brand and formula out of the thousands on the market is far from easy. Still, your dog depends on you to make a sound decision based on what you know about dog food. Just how much do you know about the formulas in each dog food brand? What makes some dog foods better than others? How can you tell good ingredients and nutrition from bad additions to dog food? It’s important information to know, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the information circling the internet. So, we’re here to guide you through the various dog food brands and formulas on the market. Throughout this guide, you’ll find helpful information about healthy ingredients and nutrition for your dog’s food, what to do about recalls, and what your dog needs from his food. We’ll also recommend the best dog food for your dog’s specific dietary needs based on reviews and nutritional analysis. Whatever you wanted to know about dog food will be in this ultimate guide, so let’s get started! There’s much more that goes into the science behind dog food than fats, proteins Continue reading >>

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    Has anyone had any luck finding them at a pharmacy? I went into a big Boots and the guy was trying to be helpful, but he found out that Boots don't carry them because it's their policy not to carry these types of medical accessories that you don't need a prescription for (meanwhile, loads of herbal "remedies" line the shelves). Anyway he suggested I try a small independent pharmacy, and I know you can get them from amazon, but I was wondering if anyone had any luck getting them from a pharmacy?
    Update I asked a little pharmacy tucked away next to my work, nice Irish bloke, after discussing it he said he could order some in, "about six quid", so even if it's 7 quid, it's still convenient.
    Update 2 Yep he sold them to me for six quid. I'm finding them interesting to tweak my diet, but even after eating at a nice restaurant for Valentine's day, which involved some bread, polenta, potato, and sugary pudding, I still registered ketones the next day, so I think the "if in doubt eat more butter" approach, while using MFP, is probably just fine. Still, I'll probably use them for another week or so out of curiosity.

  2. JenCarpeDiem

    I don't think you're going to find them -- I never have -- and if you do, they likely won't be any cheaper than they are on Amazon (£6.54). If anyone can prove me wrong though, I'd love to know! My 'stix are about to expire and I need to get some more soon. :)

  3. kersh2099

    I know its not much, but I found these on ebay for £6.30 inc postage. Arrived in 2 days with no problems for me.
    I too have found none in the shops though.

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