Can My Dog Survive Dka

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Diabetes With Ketone Bodies In Dogs

Diabetes Mellitus with Ketoacidosis in Dogs Diabetes is a medical condition in which the body cannot absorb sufficient glucose, thus causing a rise the blood sugar levels. The term “ketoacidosis,” meanwhile, refers to a condition in which levels of acid abnormally increased in the blood due to presence of “ketone bodies”. In diabetes with ketoacidosis, ketoacidosis immediately follows diabetes. It should be considered a dire emergency, one in which immediate treatment is required to save the life of the animal. This condition typically affects older dogs as well as females. In addition, miniature poodles and dachshunds are predisposed to diabetes with ketoacidosis. Symptoms and Types Weakness Lethargy Depression Lack of appetite (anorexia) Muscle wasting Rough hair coat Dehydration Dandruff Sweet breath odor Causes Although the ketoacidosis is ultimately brought on by the dog's insulin dependency due to diabetes mellitus, underlying factors include stress, surgery, and infections of the skin, respiratory, and urinary tract systems. Concurrent diseases such as heart failure, kidney failure, asthma, cancer may also lead to this type of condition. Diagnosis You will need to gi Continue reading >>

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  1. heatherny2

    My yorkipoo, Rusty, was just diagnosed today and not given a good prognosis. His glucose level was over 400 and ketones were present in his urine. The vet wanted to send him to a specialist to be watched over the weekend, but I can't afford that. We will administer insulin over the weekend, testing him every few hours, and see how he does. He has already developed the cataracts, but is eating and acting fine, so i just didn't have the heart to euthanize him today without giving him a chance over the weekend. My sons will just be devastated if he doesn't pull through.
    Anyone had any experience with this and if so, what was the outcome? Oh, and maybe some jingles will help.

  2. McVillesMom

    I worked with a number of DKA dogs when I was a tech in an emergency/referral hospital. Most of them were in the CCU, unfortunately, and some of them did survive, but it's usually very touch and go for a while. It sounds as though your guy is in better shape than most of my patients were - a lot of them were flat out, essentially comatose, so the fact that he is still eating and acting fine is a good sign. Hopefully, since you just found out, you will be able to get his glucose regulated and he'll do well - just keep a VERY close eye on him and do NOT hesitate to call or take him somewhere if you think he isn't right - they can crash very, very fast.

  3. heatherny2

    Thank you. Yeah, he is acting as normal as he always was, and eating really well (in fact he really likes the special food they gave us). He is also getting used to his glucose testing (with help from DH and a friend). We are, however, all watching him for any changes, so we can immediately get it addressed.

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