Can Metformin Cause Lactic Acidosis?

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Does Metformin Cause Lactic Acidosis?

Lactic acidosis refers to the build up of the acid 'lactate' (also known as lactic acid) in the blood. We all produce lactic acid when breaking down sugar at times of stress and when we exercise vigorously. In some circumstances, too much lactic acid can build up in the blood. This happens particularly in situations where there is not enough oxygen in the blood, or the kidneys are not filtering out lactic acid as they should be. Examples of these situations are kidney failure, heart attacks and severe lung problems. If lactic acid builds up, this changes the pH of the blood and can be very dangerous. Although lactic acidosis is rare, it happens occasionally to very sick patients regardless of what medicines they are taking. Why might metformin increase the risk of lactic acidosis? In the 1970s, a medication called phenformin was removed from the market. This was because it was found to significantly increase the risk of lactic acidosis. Metformin is in the same family as phenformin (they are both biguanides), so as you can imagine, people wondered whether it might also increase the risk of lactic acidosis. What are the facts? In 50 years of using metformin there have been only 330 Continue reading >>

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  1. MAYS

    Metformin Induced Lactic Acidosis! ... It can happen to anyone!

    How many questions do you ask your doctor, pharmacist or medical team concerning your nedications?
    How much in the way of research do you do on your own pertaining to medications and treatment that has been prescribed, or administered unto you?
    Let's talk about the diabetes medication, "Metformin" and a serious complication that it can cause called " Lactic Acidosis" in some people.
    What is Metformin induced Lactic Acidosis?
    Diabetic Connect family member "granniesophie" sent me this message, which I am sharing with everyone here (with her permission) concerning "Metformin and Lactic Acidosis" from a very personal perspective, her very own words!
    " I have to sit on my hands everytime a Metformin discussion comes up! I have just been diagnosed, after 4 months of tests and pain and losing 20 pounds for no reason and 2 different doctors not having a clue until just a few days ago, with Lactic Acidosis, caused by Metformin. This is a very rare side effect wihich only affects 5% of users. I'd been on it for over 6 years now, and it just came up in June. It can be fatal if not caught in time. It has also done damage to my kidneys, which the doctors hope can be reversed.
    The FDA says this is not a side effect, and studies are out on it, but there is a black box warning on it that it can cause Lactic Acidosis in some people. I have to report it to the FDA.
    This is a dangerous drug, and I may never be 100 percent-
    I have just begun taking Lantus, since the doctor no longer wants me on any oral meds until we can assess the damage that the Met may have caused long term.
    I am one sick human and I have other meds that have been causing issues now as well, related or not. So I am being juggled on all my meds in hopes that there is no long term damage.
    Whether this gets mentioned in discussions or not (and I am not going to) people should be aware that the Gold Standard of Diabetes treatment has some darn nasty thorns."
    If you have any questions, or concerns about Metformin and Lactic Acidosis talk to your doctor or pharmacist, if you have any questions that you would like to ask "Sonya" personally concerning this you can contact her here:

  2. Mamawiggles

    Metformin can aggravate breathing. Stupid D.O. Put my dad on it! Endocrinologist took him off immediately. You see. He has copd. Put him on Lantus.

  3. Jimbo6217

    I've only been taking the drug for a week but I've already developed hives head to toe and painfully swelled hands and feet. The only kidney proems I've had are stones .

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