Can Ketosis Make You Depressed?

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Diet Slam Of The Week: Can Going Ketogenic Magically Make You Skinny And Cancer-free?

Want to lose weight, get happier and fight cancer? The answer is here, and its really charming, roll-off-your-tongue name? The ketogenic diet. This low-carb, high-protein nutrition plan seeks to send your body into a state of fat-burning "ketosis." And this bodily process sounds nothing short of magical in stories like this newly trending piece: "Low carb ketogenic diet combats depression & bipolar disorder, aids weight loss." (Wow, does it make you richer and better in bed, too?) Or this: "Ketogenic Diet May be Key to Cancer Recovery." Or this: "10 Proven Health Benefits of Low-Carb and Ketogenic Diets." Claims have been made about the diet helping to combat bipolar disorder, epilepsy, cancer and general moodiness...all while abetting in significant weight loss. It's the magic bullet to all of life's problems! Even better than the cookie diet! Or is it? Let's dig in to the facts. Will the Diet Cure Disease? There is indeed some evidence that a ketogenic diet can help with bipolar symptoms. But the most significant, reputable research on this centered on just two (as in: one, two) case studies where a link was found—not exactly a robust consensus. The fact that the diet can aid i Continue reading >>

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  1. Eidah

    Any emotional movie or kind situation makes me teary. I was never like that before. Has this happened to you? Nothing else in my life changed other than keto.

  2. Faia

    It can, but in my specific case I was told that it could happen as a side effect of the chemotherapy.

  3. Wendyland

    I felt edgy, emotional the first couple weeks, but then I felt more normal.

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