Can Ketosis Make You Anxious?

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7 Things Everyone Should Know About Low-carb Diets

Last week, my staff nutritionist Laura Schoenfeld wrote a guest post for my blog called “Is a Low-Carb Diet Ruining Your Health”. Perhaps not surprisingly, it has caused quite a stir. For reasons I don’t fully understand, some people identify so strongly with how many carbohydrates they eat that they take offense when a suggestion is made that low-carb diets may not be appropriate for everyone, in all circumstances. In these circles low-carb diets have become dogma (i.e. a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true). Followers of this strange religious sect insist that everyone should be on low-carb or even ketogenic diets; that all carbohydrates, regardless of their source, are “toxic”; that most traditional hunter-gatherer (e.g. Paleolithic) societies followed a low-carb diet; and, similarly, that nutritional ketosis—which is only achievable with a very high-fat, low-carb, and low-protein diet—is our default and optimal physiological state. Cut through the confusion and hype and learn what research can tell us about low-carb diets. On the other hand, I’ve also observed somewhat of a backlash against low-carb diets occurring i Continue reading >>

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  1. glasstambourine

    I've struggled with anxiety and depression in the past, but it hasn't been an issue for me for about four years. Ever since I started keto about five weeks ago, I have been getting random anxiety and mild panic attacks. For example, a few nights ago I was sitting on the couch with my boyfriend watching RuPauls Drag Race (which usually makes me laugh and smile nonstop) and I just started freaking out. It happens a lot at night when I am going to sleep as well. I have several nightmares a week, usually involving someone trying to kill me. Nothing in my life has changed recently other than my diet. I consider myself to be a very happy, social, and laid back woman.
    Just curious is anyone else has experienced this. For the record, I absolutely love keto. I've never felt stronger, more energetic, and in control of my food intake in my life.

  2. glasstambourine

    Just ordered some Natural Calm on amazon per your recommendation. The only liquid sweetener I use is liquid stevia, so ill cut that out for a week to see if it makes a difference.
    I drink over a gallon of water a day. I did before keto even, I just happen to love ice water and sparkling water.
    Thank you for your thoughtful response. Knowing other people have similar issues is comforting.

  3. [deleted]

    Natural calm is easily absorbed by the body. You may only need it once or twice a week. Your body will let you know. Any that isn't needed will give you loose stools. So go easy on it at first. I heat up a few ounces of water, add the powder and when its done fizzing I add cold water. I still have the box I ordered a few months ago. :)

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