Can Ketosis Make You Anxious?

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Paleo Keto Diet Causing Anxiety?

I have been on a keto paleo diet for almost 2 years. Since i started I have experienced anxiety. It gradually got worse, I thought it was b12 for the first year cause a b12 shot helped. Then just after the first year it stopped helping. My doctor ordered blood work and found my b12 was at 499. Which is really high for me. So the shots were taking so that wasn't the cause of my anxiety. Now going on to almost 2 year mark, its quite bad and I can't figure out why. I can't stop it. I eat low carbs which I know can cause it so I increased my carbs for 2 months and came out of ketosis for that time. It did't help at all, it made my other health issues worse (ms, keto/paleo diet helps with symptoms.) I drink at least 200 ml of full fat coconut milk in a smoothy a day. I've heard that can cause an over growth of bacteria (sibo?) in the gut which might cause anxiety(i cut out the coconut milk for the 2 months when I increased carbs). There is so many "cause" that I have read for this but I can not narrow it down. I am pretty sure it has to do with what I am eating but can not find the cause. I never experienced this in my life so this is a first for anxiety for me. Has anyone else experien Continue reading >>

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  1. TheFountain

    Here are some strange anxiety related effects I have noticed while on a very high fat, low carb diet that I experimented with.
    These accounts are, of course, anecdotal, but perhaps we can discuss the possible causes.
    When my fat intake was above 80 or so grams a day and my carb intake very low I noticed increased anxiety and proneness to anxiety attack and social disorder. I have no idea why, admittedly, but when I lowered my fat intake and increased carbs it apparently almost disappeared completely.
    Another is fear of heights/agoraphobia. This is weird because growing up in new york city I had a fear of heights when I was a child but it was never extremely paralyzing and I pretty much overcame it by going to the world trade center courtyard almost every day after school and staring straight up at the buildings till I wasn't afraid of them anymore.
    I would walk up to the corner columns and lean backwards against them, staring straight up till I became 'friends' with the buildings, and felt almost as if they were 'protecting' me. Of course then came 9/11 a couple years later but that's not really an issue since I didn't feel weird around tall buildings afterwards for the longest time, and my experiences with the trade center helped me to successfully overcome my fear of extreme heights (at least consciously).
    Some time over the past 2 years I began to notice an increased paralysis around tall objects, not even extremely tall objects really, just any vertical object taller than a hundred feet really, like cell phone towers, church steeples, etc.
    It seems to have coincided with when I began to experiment with a paleo-ish high fat diet.
    This psycho-physiological effect seems to wane when my fat intake is on the lower side, around 50-60 grams a day or lower, while increasing my carb intake.
    Then there was this sudden fear of the open sky, which seems to have disappeared with lowering fat and increasing carbs.
    I have absolutely no idea why this is. I wonder if it may have anything to do with the phenotype discussion I was having with skot on another thread.

  2. hippocampus

    Some react well to ketosis, other don't, everybody's different.

  3. TheFountain

    hippocampus, on 18 Oct 2011 - 4:13 PM, said:

    Some react well to ketosis, other don't, everybody's different.
    Have there been accounts of other's having these specific psycho-physiologic reactions to the release of ketone bodies?

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