Can Ketosis Cure Cancer

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Seyfried’s Cancer Diet: My Fasting Jump-start To Ketosis

Dr. Seyfried’s book, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease, inspired me to attempt a fasting jump-start to ketosis to see how long it takes to achieve his “zone of metabolic management.” Read on to see how it’s going so far! (I’m still alive…) Note: this post was originally published on Aug 1, 2013. It was edited to streamline content and improve graphics, then re-posted in June 2016, therefore some older comments may pertain to content that was removed during revision. Dr. Seyfried’s Ketogenic Diet for Cancer Caution: dietary experiments with fasting and ketosis are best done under medical supervision, particularly if you have a medical condition or take any daily medications. Everyone’s metabolism is different, so results will vary. Please see my post “Is the Ketogenic Diet Safe for Everyone?” After reading Dr. Seyfried’s book,1) I immediately felt sympathy for those of you out there who have cancer now, or who are cancer survivors worried about recurrence—were you hoping for a simple nutritional strategy, such as “eat more broccoli” or “add chia seeds to your morning smoothie?” Had I led you down a road of hope and then left you feeling disheartened when Continue reading >>

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  1. juliekaboolie

    I have no idea whether or not I'm in ketosis. I eat absolutely NO fruit other than 1-2 squares of 85% dark chocolate per day. 2 squares totals 5 carbs. I eat no potatoes, grains, or starchy veggies. I actually eat meat, fish, eggs, fats (coconut oil, olive oil, butter, and cream), green veggies (ie, kale), and nuts (infrequently...almonds, pistachios, macadamias, or cashews only). I don't trust ketostix, so I'm wondering if I'm in ketosis?? I aim for 20 net carbs per day. I figure I'm plus/minus 5 on that. Thoughts? What does ketosis feel like for you?
    Oh and P.S. I usually eat a one minute muffin everyday with butter on top.

  2. nspeedracer

    For me its when im not bloated and my teeth stay clean regardless of brushing. I dont really feel much different in or out of ketosis, unless im really in mega ketosis and workingout makes me lightheaded

  3. rosehip

    If I am really immersed in ketosis...a slightly metallic taste in my mouth. This goes away when I drink a LOT of water though....which I should be doing...right now...gotta go

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