Can Ketosis Cure Cancer

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Can A Ketogenic Diet Cure Cancer?

I’ve recently received a number of queries from patients and practitioners who are curious about a handful of studies and anecdotal reports that indicate a ketogenic diet may help to curtail cancer growth. For those not familiar with the ketogenic diet, it’s a very low carbohydrate diet that contains moderate amounts of protein and a high percentage of fats. I prefer to think of foods in their whole, natural forms (for example, almonds, apples, asparagus, blueberries, oatmeal, olives, potatoes, rye, and salmon) instead of in reductionist terms of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Keeping this in mind, the primary purpose of dietary carbohydrates is for fuel—the body converts carbohydrates via the liver into glucose, which is used for everything from powering muscles to brain function. When confronted with a lack of carbohydrates, the body switches to burning fats for energy by converting fats (again via the liver) into ketone bodies. Here’s why cutting back on carbohydrates appears to curtail cancer growth: Cancer cells primarily use glucose for fuel, but healthy cells primarily use oxygen and secondary glucose, fatty acids, and ketone bodies. The idea behind the ketogenic Continue reading >>

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  1. AbbySciuto

    LCHF diet and possible UTI

    I'm a type II diabetic, female 38 yrs old! I've been on the LCHF/Atkins diet since I saw this forum about 3-4 weeks ago. I've already dropped 12 lbs and my numbers hover in the high 90's throughout the day--whereas they were 150+ before. So I'm truly happy, however, I have to urinate frequently and there's burning and aching down there. I have an appt with my dr at the end of the week, but that's still 3 days away. I used to just drink pure cranberry juice--not the kind with added sweetener, but the bitter as all get out stuff that will kill ANYTHING in your urinary tract! But now I'm on LCHF diet, which might be contributing to this. Can I take cranberry pills? I'm scared of spiking my sugars and going out of ketosis, and I'm on a roller coaster of weight loss, but I don't know what to do. Has anyone else had this, and have you taken the cranberry pills and did they help or bring you out of ketosis? Thanks!

  2. pgsongbird

    There's an over the counter pill you can take for UTI's. Just ask your pharmacist. (I can't remember the name of it.)

  3. silvertiger

    There are two things to look into. In the US you can get an over the counter pill called Azo that will kill the pain. You may need meds to get rid of your current infection. However, if you take a tsp of D-Mannose powder every day (it's the part of cranberry sugar that prevents UTIs) you can prevent most UTIs (the ones caused by E.Coli). You can order D-Mannose in powder or pill form from Lucky Vitamin. I use the powder and mix it in with my Metamucil daily, or any other drink. It's slightly sweet and a bit bitter, but also disappears in coffee or other drinks quite nicely.
    I used to suffer horribly from UTIs until I found out this info. Good luck!

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