Can Ketosis Cause Kidney Pain

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How Does Keto//os Affect Kidneys And Liver And The Role In Metabolizing Ketones?

As with all medium chain triglycerides, the MCT powder portion of the product will largely be converted to ketones by the liver within a few short hours of consumption. MCT create a readily supply of Ketone production for the liver to use for ketones. The BHB-salt portion should simply be absorbed into the blood as ketones. The BHB supplies another source, which doesn’t require the liver to produce ketones. There is no reason that the ketones produced by the product will affect the kidneys or liver any differently than ketones produced from exogenous fats (such as when eating a ketogenic diet) or ketones produced from stored fats (such as when calorie restricting or losing weight). Exogenous ketone scientific literature does not suggest that either kidney or liver function is negatively affected by ketosis. The major role of the kidneys when it comes to ketones is to excrete excess ketones in the urine. This excretion will likely be highest during the first few days of keto-adaptation (either in eating the keto diet or consuming KETO//OS), but the body will retain more and the tissues will begin to preferentially burn the ketones as consumption continues. The liver is the major s Continue reading >>

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  1. DebbieMiller1981

    Has anyone else had this? Have been a bit sore on and off doing this diet for last 2.5 weeks and wondered if it's normal and if there's anything to do to make it better?
    I know that ketosis does put stress on the kidneys which is why many people disaprove of VLCDs but I really wanna lose teh rest of the weight so don't want to stop! I am worried I am not doing my kidneys any good though so any advice? Reassurance please?
    I know fi I see my GP, he will just tell me it's because of CD as many drs don't agree with it!
    Thanks in advance xxx

  2. Wabbitt

    Drink plenty of water honey, it helps to flush the kidneys out and should help x

  3. DebbieMiller1981

    I'm already drinking about 4 litres a day but will try for a lil more! eek! Thanks x

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