Can Ketosis Cause Blood In Urine

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Is There A Dark Side Of Ketosis?

I can’t remember what appetizer she pointed to, but the woman sitting to the left of me said this so casually, and several folks at the table knew exactly what she meant, confirming what I’d long suspected: Ketogenic diets have officially gone mainstream – or recognizable at a party mainstream at least – in 2017. Let’s back up and demystify ketosis, which simply means you’re utilizing ketone bodies – more commonly called ketones – rather than glucose as your body’s primary fuel. Just like your car uses gasoline, your body needs fuel. That usually means glucose. But let’s say you’re on a very-low carbohydrate, higher-fat diet. Your body doesn’t get a lot of glucose, which primarily comes from carbohydrate and to a lesser degree protein. That means your liver’s backup glucose (glycogen) also becomes in short supply. Unlike your car, your body doesn’t just shut down. Thankfully, you have an alternative fuel source called ketones. Ketones are organic compounds your liver always makes. You’re cranking out ketones right now as you read this. During starvation or (more likely) when you restrict carbohydrate and increase fat intake, your body uses ketones as i Continue reading >>

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  1. Eato_Keto

    First of all I have lost around 35lbs on KETO in the last 2.5 or so months (295-260). As someone with severe depression (which is why I got fat I am too tired to exercise) I absolutely love Keto. It is extremely easy and great, I try to do the bulletproof version of keto. However I started noticing my urine is smelling odd, and there are like, thick strands in it. I figured this was ketones as I heard similar stuff. I drink a lot of water, lemon water too. At least a gallon per day of water, 1 lemon in a 32oz cup of water.
    Anyways today I was cooking up some delicious sausages and went to take a piss, to my horror my piss was full of blood! I went to ER and they told me I had ketones and blood and a few white blood cells in my urine. Anyway they told me to stop keto for a week and get on antibiotics. They don't know what it is, so this is what they gave me.
    I will be very sad if my body can't handle keto. The antibiotics are for bladder infection (Im a man so this is more rare), It could just be a coincidence, and since I left for ER immediately and just got home now at 1:30am (was in ER for 6hrs+) I am too tired to do research but very worried :(. I did look for some stuff maybe 20min worth but I didn't find anything.
    So TL:DR I have blood in my piss, is it at all keto related? The lemon water could have dissolved kidney stones if I had any, also cancer and other scary stuff are potential problems (I looked up likely causes).
    PS: I went out for pizza cuz I only had 2tbsp butter, 1tbsp coconut oil, so I hadn't ate from 6pm the night before, so thats 300 calories or so. I brought the sausages I made to ER, it wasn't out of weakness or hunger, I just got pizza to kick me out of keto in case it was the cause. Pizza isn't even worth it, bacon FTW. I seriously never crave carbs and wish I hadn't ate that pizza already (just b/c I'd rather eat something else not regret!).
    EDIT in AM: I responded, jsut woke up so prob bad grammar sorry. Only the nurse, who didn't know what keto was (and she wants to try it cuz I talked to her about it ahahah), said, "I might want to stop keto because it batters your kidneys up", not even like "you should", or "you have to", or "the doctor said to". However I still think it is good advice, if somehow a lot of stress is happening to me and my body is also stressed doing keto that makes me lose a ton of weight may be too much stress, which lowers immune system, which made me susceptible to some infection. At least that is a possibility. I will post more when I find out in case anyone else has a problem like this (since I couldn't find any info).

  2. dawnoffayt

    Listen to your doctors. This isn't something you want to chance from a bunch of people on the internet, stay off it for a week, see if it goes away and work from there, just don't binge so you don't lose your progress and see about picking it back up afterwards after speaking with a doctor (family doctor rather than a ER doc maybe?)

  3. Eato_Keto

    Yeh I just changed my insurance so this has been a whole hassle (in process of getting primary doctor atm). Of course I gave up my diet cuz the nurse said it might be a good idea, my goal is health not keto so I have no problem stopping my diet, its annoying but thats all. Also keto makes my depression a LOT more manageable way more than any drugs have which is probably the only thing that is a problem.

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